Titans United! Comic Book Reviews 9/15

This week, I’m going to do something a little different. You’ll notice that I’ve reviewed fewer books this week, only four, but I go deeper into my feelings on them. I felt that I was just speed reading through them to get my opinions out, but that was a mistake. More people aren’t going to […]

Justice League: Infinity! Comic Book Reviews 9/8

There are no new #1’s this week. This week, everything I’m reading is well-trodden territory. To make it worth it, each of them is at the top of their game save one. Some are releasing some of the best issues to jump into the series with, and others are just ramping up. For a quick […]

Dark Ages #1 & Comic Book Reviews 9/1

Dark Ages brings us to another awesome alternate universe where any hero can die. Tom Taylor brings his style of storytelling to the Marvel universe and I expect it to keep its high quality for the rest of the series. In DC, other universes in DC’s Multiverse are fighting back against the universe we all […]

Five Characters Marvel Midnight Suns Should Add

So with Marvel Midnight Suns, we have another great-looking Marvel game. It’s made by Firaxis, the developers behind XCom, the popular tactical sci-fi role-playing series. They’re known not only for their deep turn-based strategy combat but also for their punishing permadeath and RPG mechanics. While we shouldn’t expect to see permadeath with Marvel superheroes, we […]

Black Widow #50 Milestone! Comic Book Reviews 8/25

Today, my favorite Avenger celebrates a big milestone. Black Widow officially reaches #50! Technically, the current series is only at issue #10, but with legacy numbering its #50. Honestly, for how old Black Widow’s character is, she should have reached it a long time ago, but better late than never. She’s one of Marvel’s best […]

The Trial of Magneto #1 & Comic Book Reviews

Tom King is 50/50 this week, while the X-Men absolutely clean house with my pull list this week. Between the Trial of Magneto and Way of X, I thought X-Men was spoiling me. Then I read Marauders and X-Corp and knew that I was getting more X-goodness than I deserve. I understand that they’re not […]

I Am Batman #0! Comic Book Reviews 8/11

The dominance of Batman on my tier list returns with I Am Batman and Batman: Urban Legends. They’re both excellent steps towards better representation, but I Am Batman falters a bit out the gate. It spends too much time setting up what previous Jace Fox series should have already established. But we can forgive the […]

Suicide Squad: Get Joker! Comic Book Reviews 8/4

We get a surprise Black Label book in Suicide Squad: Get Joker, and while its certainly edgy, it’s good too. It’s nice to see a new Black Label book that’s not about Batman after more were just announced last week. Hopefully it leads to more non-Batman Black Label books, though that would be surprising considering […]

Icon & Rocket Return! Comic Book Reviews 7/28

It feels like we’re under the second Reign of the Supermen with three Superman books out this week, two of them being new number ones. We have the long awaited Superman: Son of Kal-El, headed by Tom Taylor, and the continually amazing Action Comics. Both stun and amaze, but the most important one, is the […]

Superman & the Authority & Comic Book Reviews 7/21

Who knew Superman would be taking the lead in back-to-back weeks? And not just him, his cousin, Supergirl has one of my favorite issues of the year. Between Superman & the Authority, and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, fans of the Super-fam have a lot to eat. I love it, especially as I get back into […]