Original Works

Something Central doesn’t just make videos about other people’s works, we also do our own original works. We do short stories, book previews, web series, and it’s all available for anyone to read for free.

Our original works span nearly all genres except Non-Fiction, you don’t want to know about our real lives. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments, please be constructive, we want to get better in writing.

But since these original books aren’t professionally edited and are at best, hobbies, the physical copies are just for those who prefer it. Overtime, all original works will see new chapters added until they are complete, even if they are just available for purchase. They are not professional, the physical copies are just a special thing. Eventually and hopefully, they will professionally edited and published, and possibly taken off the site but not for a long time. Please enjoy them as we update their pages for free.

Chapters from Web Series

These stories are different from regular novels in that they are more episodic.

The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire

“Being the Demon King of Lust is not as fun as it sounds. Ruling over what should be the most fun of the Seven Hells is actually proving to be just about the most harrowing job in the multiverse.

On the onset of a war between angels and demons, the rise of a hybrid species, and reuniting with a long lost sister, it’s no wonder being in a poly-relationship somehow isn’t the most stressful thing happening in Hell right now.”

Raydorn: The War in the Black

“The year is 448 A.C.A., and the War in the Black has begun. A three-way conflict between the Great Nations of Western Gronina has broken out, and lines are being drawn.

The Black Legion, the mercenary band of expert warriors from across Raydorn, Krone, and Susanna, may turn the tide. The mercenaries must chose between their country, their money, and their friends. If only they weren’t all a bunch of rotten bastards, the choice would be easy.”

Our Short Stories

Click on the title to read the full original works.

Meeting the Reaper

Hank Haywood has died. That’s a weird sentence to think. I mean, I always say ‘kill me now,’ ‘I wish I were dead,’ ‘oh death, please take me away to your humble abode,’ or some crap like that. Now that I am… now that the end has really come, old jokes seem… well, they still…

Some Vampires Just Like to Watch

“Why do you do this?” Camilla asked Cade, one immortal to another. Fucking vampires. Cade looked out over the barren planet, and its sky devoid of stars, planets, and moons. There was only one light left in the universe. He stared at it, his eyes able to stare directly into the light without feeling the…

Wild Love in a Wild West

“You have to keep going, they’re going kill you, *ah* not me,” I try to tell him. Ben doesn’t listen, he keeps my arm hung over his shoulder, and keeps on walking.  The forest around us wasn’t meant to be trotted on by someone with a bullet in their gut. I truly don’t think any…


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Chapters from Released Original Works

The Incarnations

Love & Dread: “Forever together, the closest of friends, Lady Love and Lord Dread have watched over humanity for hundreds of years. On the onset of World War III, their peaceful watch comes to an end.”

The Incarnal War: “In this world there are beings beyond what are considered Gods and Mortals. Beings that embody ideas and emotions to utter completion. These beings are the Incarnations, and they are at war.”

The Alpha

Cover of "The Alpha," a SomethingCentral original works.

“The life of an alpha is one of leadership, not every wolf can be one, let alone a good one.

Across three stories, three alpha wolves will learn what it means to be an alpha, to lead a pack when faced with being hunted, caged, and force to perform for Mankind.”

The Wolf Pack

One of SomethingCentral's published original works.

“When the superhuman gene comes to Aegis City, a super-strong billionaire heiress, a fire-powered goofball, an ice queen without a kingdom, and psycho anti-hero step up against superpowered criminals looking to take whatever they want.

At the same time, these kids will have to decide if they deserve to call themselves superheroes, and if they should.”

Guardians: Heroes of the Milky Way

Cover of "Guardian: Heroes of the Milky Way," a SomethingCentral original works.

“The Milky Way Galaxy is home to several species who have begun to colonize the stars. From each them, there is a Guardian, with powers beyond imagination. At one time they were Team Sunset.

Now they’re retired, if only retirement were a thing that lasts. Old enemies have returned, the world has turned against them, but hey, at least they have each other, and too much power between them.”

The Hood: Legacy & Immortality

Cover of "The Hood: Legacy & Immortality," a SomethingCentral original works.

“The Wild West is dying, but the Hood never seems to.

Set before the events of the first novel, the Hood survives as an outlaw on the run, not from the law, but from a nemesis of her own making.

Some way, some how, the past always catches up, but how does she manage to keep outrunning it?”

The Hood: Violence & Prohibition

Cover of "The Hood: Violence & Prohibition," a SomethingCentral original works.

“Al Capone has taken his criminal empire a step too far with the Valentine’s Day Massacre. From the shadows, comes a punishment he never could have prepared for.

The Hood begins a one-man mission of vengeance against the leader of the criminal underworld, and there seems to be no way to stop him.”

Chapters from Upcoming Books

Raydorn: The Valkyrie & the Frost

“After being run out of his tribe for his strange powers, an outcast will cross a sea to find his mother’s homeland, a strange place called Raydorn.

An elite warrior prodigy among Raydorn’s magical Stormguard will come face-to-face with a foreigner wielding her murdered mother’s axe.

Together, they will save the strange country, or die trying.”

The Incarnations: The Collection of Storms

The Old Sins of Evil: “King Evil had let his Sins run amok of the universe, literally. Now they they threaten to break free from the deepest part of Hell. Problem is, one of them is killing the rest for power, amassing what a Sin would need to kill a king. Will King Evil get control of his Sins, or will they get him first?”

The Mortal King: “At the dawn of a peaceful era, the planet of Camelot is invaded by the Lupians, a wolf-like species driven from their homes after it was destroyed by the Sin of Sloth. Their General Vortigern has overthrown Camelot’s regency, but the prince escaped. Decades after living amongst the common people, Arthur Pendragon has drawn the sword of Madam Honor from the stone, and threatens to bring a just peace to his world… if the gods above will allow it.”