Wonder Girl & Comic Book Reviews for 5/19

This week was light on comics, both from my pull list and in general. Usually this doesn’t happen until the last Wednesday of the month, but I’m not complaining. Between the long awaited arrival of the new Wonder Girl and some continuing favorites in X-Men and Daredevil, I didn’t read a single bad issue this […]

DC Festival of Heroes & Comic Book Reviews for 5/12

Last week I had some complaints about how I was reading the same old stuff every week. This week I decided that it should give me a reason to quit crying. Between, X-Corps, Guardians of the Galaxy, and DC Festival of Heroes, I’m flooded with heroes I don’t normally give my attention to.  Honestly, it’s […]

Batman & More Comic Book Reviews for 5/5

This week wasn’t the best week, but also not the worst. It feels like I’m drawn to the same books week after week… after week. Guess what books I loved this week? Batman and X-Men, no surprise.  Guess what disappointed me? Pretty much everything else from DC. DC is starting to feel like a one-trick […]

BRZRKR & More Comic Book Reviews for 4/28

DC is here to redeem themselves after some poor showings these last two weeks. It’s the perfect time too, because there’s only one Marvel release on my pull list. New Mutants is great, but it’s nice to see DC do pretty good for the most part after some lackluster title releases. That isn’t say DC […]

House of M: A Past Best Forgotten

Spoilers for House of M, written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Olivier Coipel. House of M is a story that has defined the X-Men since before I started avidly reading comics. I’ve always loved the X-Men but I didn’t start reading comics until DC’s New 52 reboot. I even didn’t start reading Marvel […]

S.W.O.R.D. & Comic Book Reviews for 4/21

This week, Marvel with SWORD contends for the best singular issue of the year, while half the week falls flat. I only picked up one DC book today, Justice League, and the rest were X-Men.  The highs of Marvel with SWORD and Way of X were really high, and the lows of Justice League and […]

Guardians of the Galaxy & Comic Book Reviews for 4/14

Comics this week were good. Between a landmark issue for Guardians of the Galaxy, a new Batman series by Tom Taylor, plus more good ole X-Men, times are good. Not saying that every comic I picked up this week landed, but more often than not, they did. Guardians of the Galaxy #13, written by Al […]

Best Superhero Comics of 2020

Okay, 2020 sucked a whole lot. It was scary when comics stopped coming out for a few months in the spring, but we got through it. A lot of good comics eventually came out. Mostly X-Men, but still a lot of good comics. Now it’s time to pick my favorite books to come out in […]

Dawn of X: Year-in-Review

There are spoilers for a mega-ton amount of comics. Basically, if there’s a Dawn of X comic that’s come out since June 2019, it’s probably gonna get spoiled. Some more than others. Video version here. Its been little over a year since Jonathan Hickman’s House of X ended and the new Dawn of X era […]