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The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Chapter 2)

Love & Dread “Hate! Stop it! Please!” Lady Love begs as she clings to Lady Hate. Without a second thought, as if on a violent reflex, Lady Hate backhands Lady Love to the ground. Her hair spiraling all over her face as she tumbles down. As she looks up at the monster who leads the […]

The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Chapter 1)

The Incarnal Battlegrounds King Good sits dutifully and peacefully by the bedside of his closest friend. His long flowing brown hair cascades over his shoulders. Like his brother, humans look like him. He isn’t what a mortal would call ‘flashy’ like his brethren, he has more in common with the eventual Kings of Sumeria than […]

The Incarnations Chapter 2

The Lady’s Violent Compromise “I have just the idea of how to prove that love exists!” Lady Love beams, her finger pointing up into the air.  The Lord Dread crosses his arms in doubt as the astral image dissipates. “Do tell me your plan, Lo,” he asks of her. He knows not of what to […]

The Incarnations Chapter 1

The Lady and Her Lord Lady Love, the epitome of beauty and grace. Her nature to care for anything is unmatched by anything else in Creation. Her power unlimited in capacity. Her knowledge limited only by her will. Her realm is a simple valley, full of life. Gardens and streams, animals and plants for her […]