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The Wolf Pack (Chapter 24)

The Understanding THE HOOD Walking out of that courtroom, I feel like I’m on top. There are many things I’ve done as the Hood, but speaking isn’t one of them. Everyone is always guessing my motives, my mindset, and now they have a bit to chew on, a bit that chews into them as much […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 23)

The Removal of Power KEN It’s so tranquil here, so beautiful. The Satpura Range in India is gorgeous, breathtaking, there’s so much greener here than in Seoul, and certainly less people. Maybe not to the people here but… Standing before the mountain range, I see less stone than I do green by the mountainsides covered […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 22)

The Trial THE DIRECTOR I’m sure no one should be surprised, but Dr. Stupid-ass-name is being picked up across the country, not just by Aegis City’s news outlets. For once watching TV is of the utmost importance and not just my lunch time entertainment. And for once the news isn’t purposely trying to anger me, […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 21)

The Lunch Break THE HOOD “Thank you again for doing this!” Emily yells. She has to yell so I can hear her over the wind. We’re flying to her house, and she’s got me on her shoulders again. It’s better than being carried bridal style, but it’s still… weird. I don’t mind flying so much, […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 20)

The Stakeout PYRE Stakeouts are boring. It’s one of the few things movies never succeeded in making look fun, but they at least turned that into a joke. It’s not funny in real life. It’s just sitting and waiting for someone to do something, and that can never be anything but boring.   We started […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 19)

The Scientist PYRE Dr. Ray, it really has been a while. I don’t think I ever spoke to her once, fire probably isn’t her thing. That all said, AUSI is a nice school, big campus, a park in the middle, and those metal tent over the pathways for when it snows or rains. If my […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 18)

The Pigs The city just keeps getting darker, and more devoid of the good that’s supposed to keep us going. Fear fills heroes, distrust fills people, and doubt fills those trying to hold us together. The fight with Hundress and Stoneman went too far, it scared those in South Aeg. There are protests in the […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 17)

The Untouchable Stoneman DAVID I’m used to looking up at the sky and seeing that rich princess flying around, and I always think ‘of course God gave her powers.’ Why save anything for the rest of us? I figured the same about the ice chick too, she just has the actual logic to cover her […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 16)

The Untouchable Hand ESPADA I bet the Hood’s helmet airs out pit smells, but poor James. I didn’t get to shower like Marie, I had to put on my Espada outfit feeling gross, and smelly and everything in between. Then there’s James, the Director’s computer whiz. He could find where this David Sanchez lives, but […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 15)

The Untouchable Friend ESPADA “Alright, Burke, you don’t have to show off,” Marie tells me. I catch sight of her redoing the bandage wrappings around her hands as I hold a weight over my head. Somebody’s copying a certain Tiger Fist. By weight, I mean one made specifically for me, at 165 tons. I’m lifting […]