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The Wolf Pack (Chapter 32)

The Strongwoman ESPADA “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!” I killed him, I killed the Hood. I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to do any of it! They made me. I should have flew after him, I shouldn’t have let him leave and believe the terrible things he said about himself. He believed it, and died believing it. He […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 31)

The Beating THE DIRECTOR POW! SMASH! CRACK! She hits harder than a freight train, I know this, I’ve been hit by one and the force wasn’t as strong. If I wasn’t in so much pain, I’d be proud of my Espada for punching me through several tanks, shattering all my ribs and bursting my heart […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 30)

The Jumping THE HOOD No one needs to tell me, I know I should be the one going to rescue the team, hell, we should have just gotten all three of them instead of splitting up. I made a promise to save them and everything, but that’s not my nature it seems. It seems my […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 29)

The Rescue OVERSIGHT “When I said that we are going to do exactly what they would never expec, I didn’t expect you to volunteer your car,” the Director says to the Hood. I’ve never done this before, listened in to the Hood’s car and spied on people through cameras. The Hood speeds down the road, […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 28)

The Helmet The Director It’s strange to feel tears falling onto my face. People don’t cry over me, or at least not for me unless they’re tears of pain. Shadow Mask domed me right in my forehead, he’s a much better shot than I thought. If he didn’t take so much pride in fighting hand-to-hand, […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 27)

The Breakout Unknown “Duh, dada, duh, dada, duh dada dada,” I hum. I like humming. It’s keeps everything timed in motion “Aaahh, aaaaahhhh, aahhh, gurgle cok!” Especially when people are screaming, it’s so distracting. But humming, humming tunes everyone out. At least prisoners are polite, sitting silently against the wall, in their beds, they watch […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 26)

The Tower THE DIRECTOR “When the Hood and the Rodriguez’s gets here, I want this place in complete and utter lockdown, Susan,” I order my assistant, running through the halls as everyone is bum rushing it around the Needle. First Espada was taken out, then Pyre was personally taken in by Hundress. That means Icicle […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 25)

The Picnic PYRE No more superpowers for the rest of the day, no more trials, no more costumes, just family and a picnic. No more watching the Hood piss away everyone’s reputation, no more waiting hand on foot for S.I.L.A.S. to call me when there’s trouble. While yes, last time the Director called me I […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 24)

The Understanding THE HOOD Walking out of that courtroom, I feel like I’m on top. There are many things I’ve done as the Hood, but speaking isn’t one of them. Everyone is always guessing my motives, my mindset, and now they have a bit to chew on, a bit that chews into them as much […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 23)

The Removal of Power KEN It’s so tranquil here, so beautiful. The Satpura Range in India is gorgeous, breathtaking, there’s so much greener here than in Seoul, and certainly less people. Maybe not to the people here but… Standing before the mountain range, I see less stone than I do green by the mountainsides covered […]