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The Wolf Pack (Chapter 17)

The Untouchable Stoneman DAVID I’m used to looking up at the sky and seeing that rich princess flying around, and I always think ‘of course God gave her powers.’ Why save anything for the rest of us? I figured the same about the ice chick too, she just has the actual logic to cover her […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 16)

The Untouchable Hand ESPADA I bet the Hood’s helmet airs out pit smells, but poor James. I didn’t get to shower like Marie, I had to put on my Espada outfit feeling gross, and smelly and everything in between. Then there’s James, the Director’s computer whiz. He could find where this David Sanchez lives, but […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 15)

The Untouchable Friend ESPADA “Alright, Burke, you don’t have to show off,” Marie tells me. I catch sight of her redoing the bandage wrappings around her hands as I hold a weight over my head. Somebody’s copying a certain Tiger Fist. By weight, I mean one made specifically for me, at 165 tons. I’m lifting […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 14)

The Untouchable Man THE HOOD I know I can come off as a sanctimonious asshole, with opinions and an attitude that come off as too big for my britches, but it’s not in me to hold back what I don’t want to. To hold back on the thirst and anger that scares people, scares criminals, […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 13)

The Lesson Learned THE DIRECTOR The kids stayed and trained for months, I stopped counting after five, and even though I warned them that the world will be the same when they get back, they didn’t care. They decided that the jarring leap is worth suffering if it meant growing. Finally, though, they’re ready to […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 12)

The Tiger’s Den THE HOOD  Ken has had me sparring with him non-stop since I denied him a fight. It’s… interesting to see how far he’s come, both physically and mentally, especially that arm. It’s new since the last time, I mean, he had one a couple years ago, but it was a different metal, […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 11)

The Elder’s Lesson THE DIRECTOR Right now, Uub has the team mediating, and by team, I mean Emily, Tommy, and Marie. The Hood is off somewhere around here… Uub has them in a room, surrounded by Darwin’s floral paintings on the walls, filled with magical incense, and lined up sitting in pretzel form. He told […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 10)

The Timeless Palace THE DIRECTOR “We have a child killer roaming the streets, answering to no one, and violating the rights and laws of this city every chance he gets!” Could it sound more scripted? “And yet some people want to claim it’s all for the greater good and prop him up on this pedestal […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 9)

The Baby PYRE My healing ability is minor. My limbs won’t grow back, it won’t save me from a knife to the gut by itself, so really what it is, is just a quick recovery perk. My wounds close a little faster, my bones mend easier and never wrong, but most importantly I can stand […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 8)

“Oooohh.” Faintly, I think I hear my husband say, “I think she’s waking up.” “About time!” I hear someone, maybe my mother. A lot still hurts, I thought that was the point of drugs, I’m not supposed to feel pain. Maybe I just need more. “Need more what, hon?” Oh shit, I said that out […]