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Why You Should Read DC Pride 2023

“Love is Lightning” by Grant Morrison, Hayden Sherman, Marissa Louise and Aditya Bidikar “And Baby Makes Three” by Leah Williams, Paulina Ganucheau and Frank Cvetkovic “Hey, Stranger” by Nadia Shammas, Bruka Jones, Tamra Bonvillain and Frank Cvetkovic “Subspace Transmission” by A.L. Kaplan and Aditya Bidikar “Anniversary” by Josh Trujillo, Don Aguillo, and Lucas Gattoni “Lost […]

Top Ten Comic Books of 2022

If you know me and what I read, you should not be surprised to learn that SomethingCentral’s top ten favorite comic books of 2022 are still DC and Marvel-dominated, X-Men-dominated specifically. While there wasn’t anything not from the Big-two last year, you may be surprised by this year’s best spots.  I expanded my horizons this […]

MCU Retrospective: Rewatching the Phases of the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe started in 2008 with the release of Iron Man 1. We had Marvel movies before that with the Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy, the Blade duology, and a series of X-Men movies. But the MCU was the first time anyone had attempted to replicate what only the comic books had ever achieved… an […]

Top Ten Comic Book Movies of 2021!

The year is ending, and no more comic book films are coming out. Last year, I only managed to review the top ten comic books, but this year, I want to do more. I want to get the top ten comic book series I read, comic tv shows, and comic book movies. Here’s hoping I […]

Top Ten Comic Book TV Shows of 2021

Last year, I only did a video about the best comics of 2020, but now I want to do more. There were a lot of comic book shows to come out this year as the pandemic slowed down. Some were about superheroes and some weren’t. Unlike with the movie list, there were a lot more […]

Dragon Ball: The Merits of Fanfiction

This is typically a comic book site, and Dragon Ball isn’t technically a comic book, I know. But I wanted to talk about a topic that’s been an important part of my life for the past few weeks. Fanfiction is almost a dirty word in some circles. It’s when fans take time out of their […]

Batman: The Liberation Theology Behind the Caped Crusader

Liberation Theology is, and I quote, “a movement in Christian theology that emphasizes liberation from social, political, and economic oppression as an anticipation of ultimate salvation.” I took a class about this in college, a strange thing to say I’m done with. But in that class, I was able to write a paper about any […]

Five Characters Marvel Midnight Suns Should Add

So with Marvel Midnight Suns, we have another great-looking Marvel game. It’s made by Firaxis, the developers behind XCom, the popular tactical sci-fi role-playing series. They’re known not only for their deep turn-based strategy combat but also for their punishing permadeath and RPG mechanics. While we shouldn’t expect to see permadeath with Marvel superheroes, we […]

When Should a Superhero Reveal Their Secret Identity?

There’s a staple of superhero mythos that’s been around since the dawn of superhero comics. Something that doesn’t have a real-life equivalent, outside of being a spy, maybe. This makes it difficult to discern its morality even in context. This thing is the secret identity. The name heroes go by during their regular daily life […]

Why Ostrander’s Spectre is a Tragic Hero

The Spectre is an underrated favorite character of mine. Almost as old as Superman, he first appeared in 1940. He was even made by the same writer, Jerry Spiegel, with a co-credit from one Bernard Baily.  He has a storied history, playing a significant role in many of its events, particularly in Crisis on Infinite […]