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Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 41)

“The foreboding, terrible, downright-sinister feeling that comes when someone’s annoying you… it never goes away. Sorry to tell you.” Henry Lockley, the Bard of the Song, 447 A.C.A. While they may not have enjoyed the idea of going with Jack to Cloudtower, making Andy describe her vision convinced them. Malum and Astrid spent hours combing […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 40)

“The gods are not kind to people like us, the gods are not kind to anyone.” Malum Chun, 448 A.C.A. “I’m going to Cloudtower.” They had barely gotten into the tent before Jack broke the silence. I’m shocked he let us sleep on it, Andy thought as she avoided almost everyone’s gaze. She didn’t miss […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 39)

“No good can come from a god’s attention.” Jack Starshield, 448 A.C.A. It took a few weeks for S.S. Lappy to get back to the Icy Pearl Isles. Again, Malum complained about spotting his own men informing the others of their arrival. This time Andy was there to question if anyone else would see what […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 38)

“A rose by any name… still has thorns.” Princess Derilla of Raydorn, 439 A.C.A. “<You know that archmage of yours is going to poison your coffee every chance you get?>” Andelyn told Lord Weisheng. “<So do all of my sons, but I’ve developed a tolerance for poison and a nose for bullshit.>” The two of […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 37)

“It is what one does behind closed doors when they risk no consequences for their actions, that shows who they truly are.” Queen Seras of Raydorn, 448 A.C.A. The chains that left them hanging above their heads had cut off the circulation to Lucy’s hand. Her remaining arm didn’t hurt anymore, at least. Still, she […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 36)

“The generals get all the credit for winning battles they watch from the sidelines.” Henry Lockley, the Bard of the Song, 445 A.C.A. As Regalic Sol erupted in violent cheers, Malum knelt down and quickly laid Foster on his back. Foster could hear the cheers, but not the small footsteps racing toward him.  He was […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 35)

“The shadows surely become you, but the light certainly does not.” Foster Lao, Wielder of Fucho and Huibao, 448 A.C.A. There weren’t petals falling from the trees and flowing all around them when Foster Lao came to Regalic Sol. There were looks of disgust and whispers amongst what was the most talkative of patrons. Lao […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 34)

“Not enough men hug each other. Get over yourselves.” Henry Lockley, the Bard of the Song, 438 A.C.A. “Your sword can’t be that interesting to look at.” Malum ignored Andy as he inspected his sword. With it, he could defeat Foster Lao with but a strike. With his fists and skill alone… he’s not so […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 33)

“No one who competes should ever admit they’re not in first place.” Andelyn Stella, 449 A.C.A. How is he not terrified? Andy asked herself. She watched the Foster Lao fight through the purple lens she had been given by the challenging Regalic. They were necessary to see into the pitch black chamber that was made […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 32)

“Men in power like to act like they know everything, but the dangerous ones know at least half of what they think they do.” Andelyn Stella, 449 A.C.A. “<Here’s your moment,>” Andy told Malum in broken Uzuri as they walked up to the Silver Spire of the archmage. It was the location of the next […]