Raydorn: The War in the Black

The creature mount of choice for soldiers of Raydorn and the Valkyrie.
Griffin, a Great Creature of Raydorn – Image by Vlad Min from Pixabay

Written by Christopher Knighton. Edited by Joe Heap.

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Action. Synopsis: Made from the skeleton of a failed D&D campaign, a group of diverse and crazy characters roam around a fantasy world with countries inspired by real-world medieval cultures.

The story opens at the beginning of a war between the three great nations of Western Gronina. They all want the largest mercenary army on the continent, the Black Legion. Whichever country, Raydorn, Krone, or Susanna, gains their help, will likely win the war above all others. The powers that be behind the three nations agreeing that none of them are willing to take that chance. Together, they hatch a scheme to betray and slaughter most of the Black Legion.

Now on the run from the only homes they’ve ever known, the remaining leaders of the Black Legion must rebuild their mercenary army before they’re wiped out. And above all, they must do so before the ones behind the war complete their terrible scheme to take over Gronina. But how can a bunch of people who kill for money possibly come to trust each other? How can they possibly learn to do what’s right? The only way to find out is by fighting against the world. Here’s hoping they survive.

Warning: Raydorn: The War in the Black contains graphic violence in its chapters. There are cultures inspired by others both real and fictional, with an aim for believability and originality. It also contains mild sexual content and a positive view of an open-relationship lifestyle. Above all, we welcome criticism of writing style or how things are framed incorrectly. Criticism of someone’s culture or lifestyle in itself is not.

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Arc 1 – The Wayward Isles

Chapter CountContent Warning
Chapter 1Language
Chapter 2 Graphic Violence & Language
Chapter 3Language
Chapter 4Graphic Violence & Language
Chapter 5Graphic Violence & Language
Chapter 6Language
Chapter 7Graphic Violence & Language
Chapter 8Language & Minor Sexual Content
Chapter 9Graphic Violence & Language
Chapter 10Language
Chapter 11Language
Chapter 12Graphic Violence & Language
Chapter 13Language
Chapter 14Language
Chapter 15Language
Chapter 16Language
Chapter 17Language
Chapter 18Graphic Violence & Language
Chapter 19Language
Chapter 20Language
Chapter 21Language
Chapter 22Language
Chapter 23Language
Chapter 24Graphic Violence, Language, & Minor Sexual Content
Chapter 25Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 26Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 27Graphic Violence, Language, Torture
Chapter 28Graphic Imagery, Language, Torture
Chapter 29Graphic Violence, Language, Torture
Chapter 30Language
Chapter 31Language, Torture
Chapter 32Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 33Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 34Language
Chapter 35Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 36Language
Chapter 37Language, Distressing Imagery
Chapter 38Language
Chapter 39Language
Chapter 40Language
Chapter 41Language
Chapter 42Language
Chapter 43Language
Chapter 44Language, Minor Violence
Chapter 45Language, Graphic Violence
Chapter 46Language
Chapter 47Language
Chapter 48Language, Graphic Imagery

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