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The idea for this Something Central came about during a contentious boss battle in Bloodborne. Chris was fighting the Shadow of Yharnam and had invited Joe for backup.

Then Joe ran away and watched Chris fight all three bosses by himself with no help. The hilarity of Chris screaming his head off at a laughing Joe felt like comedy gold, so they made a YouTube channel to capture and publish their proudest moments.

Then several years passed after coming up with the name and creating the channel with nothing posted. It was after Chris got into writing, and was looking for a way to build an audience that he thought to try a YouTube channel.

At that point, the only thing Chris felt halfway qualified to talk about were comic books. So not much has changed.

Art from Something Central.

Now we have Something Central, which has strayed far from its original idea. Here, we make videos about comic books, their adaptions and new releases.

Now with the website, we want to do our original work too. We publish short stories, our own web series, and preview published books we’ve written.

We have too much time on our hands, but hopefully its stuff you can enjoy. And we haven’t forgotten our roots, our videos will post here too in blog form, for those who like reading. We should all do more of that. we’re not biased here (clearly)

Something Central’s Founder, Developer, Editor, Writer, Graphic Designer…

Picture of Christopher Knighton who has co-founded Something Central.

Christopher Knighton

1. Co-Founder of Something Central.

2. Content Writer for the blog, YouTube channel, short stories, and web series.

3. Website designer and developer.


1. Marketing Specialist – 2+ years

2. Author – 4+ years

3. Content Creator – 2+ years

4. Graduated Marywood University 2020 – Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Minor in Astronomy, English Literature, and Math

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