Category: Short Stories

People Just Die, Jim

People Just Die, Jim is not a graphic or overly violent story, but it does handle very mature matters such as the loss of a child and parent in a way that may be triggering for some readers. Reader discretion is advised. It should have been a cloudy day, full of rain, and thunderstorms. Rain […]

God Said F**k You

God Said F**k You has language and topics not suitable for everyone. If questioning the power or morality of a deity is offensive to you, probably better that you don’t read this story. A girl’s parents had taken away her fish after it died.  It was really her best friend. No friends from school, she […]

No Place to Die

Stevevis was just arrested for killing the Prime Minister of Titania. He was marched through the streets like a dog, walked to his own slaughter.  In a glass cage, with a bag over his head, he was treated with disdain from the Titanians he tried to protect. He was in a fishbowl, where only his […]

The Thrill of the Kill

You always hear how wrong it is to kill someone, to hurt someone. To take a life is to kill everything they ever were and everything they will ever be… some real deep stuff.  Yeah, I never got that, and that was back before I was traveling the multiverse and my dumb ass thought there […]

The End of the World

They say the end of the world starts with you. Okay, I have no idea who ‘they’ is, but it sounds pretty cool, and I’m sure I heard it from someone else. I’ve been told I’m not creative all my life, my sister being one of them, so I’m sure I didn’t come up with […]

The Great Crow

Year 952, time of the Great Crow. Sepsis, Northern Muriel The dark, long haired assassin and his young apprentice trotted down a muddy path to a small village in the recently war torn region of Sepsis, a place that never flows milk or honey. It was dark at dawn. The assassin could see through the […]

The Ice Princess

The King paces back and forth through the halls. This isn’t his palace, this isn’t the one he grew up in, this isn’t the red carpet he trusts, it isn’t his home… yet it is where the Queen screams, for the princess is not here yet. He can hear her screams of pain as he […]

The Hound of the Night Sky and the Rabbit Moon

With the turn of every day the sky changes. The people see it go by and take it for granted. They never think to thank those who make sure they aren’t blinded or deafened by the infinite white or consuming darkness. They do look up at the sun and thank it for its rays. The […]