Category: Short Stories

Meeting the Reaper

Hank Haywood has died. That’s a weird sentence to think. I mean, I always say ‘kill me now,’ ‘I wish I were dead,’ ‘oh death, please take me away to your humble abode,’ or some crap like that. Now that I am… now that the end has really come, old jokes seem… well, they still […]

Some Vampires Just Like to Watch

“Why do you do this?” Camilla asked Cade, one immortal to another. Fucking vampires. Cade looked out over the barren planet, and its sky devoid of stars, planets, and moons. There was only one light left in the universe. He stared at it, his eyes able to stare directly into the light without feeling the […]

Wild Love in a Wild West

“You have to keep going, they’re going kill you, *ah* not me,” I try to tell him. Ben doesn’t listen, he keeps my arm hung over his shoulder, and keeps on walking.  The forest around us wasn’t meant to be trotted on by someone with a bullet in their gut. I truly don’t think any […]

The Red Wolf War

Eastern Europa, 1073 A.D. During the Thirteenth coming of the Red Wolf, the Time of Two, the War of the Wolves, the blood flows.  Fireballs fly across the sky, aiming to wreak havoc on the castle of the Red Wolf of the East. The castle stands a dozen stories, with enough towers to be considered […]

The Serpent’s Quest

Content Warning: The Serpent’s Quest was an attempt by me to write a story where the message couldn’t be told without sex. I had always heard that sex scenes served nothing to the story and I disagreed. I felt that people could learn a lot about characters from their sex scenes and I hoped I […]

The Ice Mother

Warning to the reader: The Ice Mother contains elements of depression, thoughts of suicide, and self-harm. Read at your own pace and at your own discretion. If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts, there is always help available. Contact help here or call a Suicide Prevention hotline at (800)-273-8255. This is a sequel […]

Raydorn: The Ronin of Charisma

Raydorn: The Ronin of Charisma is a group of short stories based in the same world as Raydorn: The War in the Black and Raydorn: The Valkyrie & the Frost. If you would like to read more from this world, check those out. Neona is a fictionalized island nation inspired by Japan, with other fictional […]

People Just Die, Jim

People Just Die, Jim is not a graphic or overly violent story, but it does handle very mature matters such as the loss of a child and parent in a way that may be triggering for some readers. Reader discretion is advised. It should have been a cloudy day, full of rain, and thunderstorms. Rain […]

God Said F**k You

God Said F**k You has language and topics not suitable for everyone. If questioning the power or morality of a deity is offensive to you, probably better that you don’t read this story. A girl’s parents had taken away her fish after it died.  It was really her best friend. No friends from school, she […]

No Place to Die

Stevevis was just arrested for killing the Prime Minister of Titania. He was marched through the streets like a dog, walked to his own slaughter.  In a glass cage, with a bag over his head, he was treated with disdain from the Titanians he tried to protect. He was in a fishbowl, where only his […]