Emma Frost and Elektra got toe-to-toe on the variant cover of Devil's Reign: X-Men #2.

Devil’s Reign: X-Men #2 Review

Written by: Gerry Duggan

Art by: Phil Noto

Lettering by: VC’s Clayton Cowles

I didn’t review the first issue of Devil’s Reign: X-Men, so I do want to say that while it was enjoyable, it felt low energy for the stakes it had. This issue is far better and balances the comedically low energy of every scene with its dialogue. While I commented on Gerry Duggan’s writing of women in X-Men proper, he writes a fantastic Emma Frost.

Spider-Man gets mind-controlled by Emma Frost in Devil's Reign: X-Men.
How have Emma Frost and Spider-Man never had a one-on-one before? This feels like a missed opportunity.

The retcons of this issue aside, when given the chance to focus on Emma Frost, she flourishes under his writing. She’s cutthroat, incredibly dangerous, smug in the best ways, and at her core, a person who deeply cares for children. Her protectiveness for children is usually only for mutants, but seeing her care for the crux of the issue and have so much empathy for Spider-Man shows why we love this character.

Phil Noto’s in the first issue of Devil’s reign X-Men left a little to be desired. All the setup in that story left him little to do, but the same cannot be said of this one. Whether it’s Elektra cutting people to pieces, Emma Frost’s sarcastic smirk, or Frost learning Spider-Man’s history, Noto assures that this issue will sear into the minds of many.

Emma Frost mind wipes Tony Stark and mind controls She-Hulk in Devil's Reign: X-Men.
I can’t help but find Emma Frost’s days as a villain to be comical now.

I am a bit shocked Frost’s status as a Krakoan–and a Krakoan on the Quiet Council at that– has given her diplomatic immunity. It’s a small gripe , but it did make me scratch my head as I read it.

Most event tie-ins aren’t too great, but Devil’s Reign: X-Men is looking to be an exception so far.

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