DREAMLANDS: Lives and Epics #1 Review

Created by: LoudMouse Crew – Stelios Pliatsikas, Thanos Kyratzis Disclaimer: The creators of DREAMLANDS: Lives and Epics did contact me to consider reading and reviewing it. They provided me a free link to the comic, but there was no other monetary payment or agreement that I’d review this book positively. I always give honest reviews, […]

A King’s Vengeance #1 Review

Written by: Davila Leblanc, Peter Ricq Art by: Peter Ricq Scout Comics is that indie publisher people should pay more attention to. First, it was Midnight Western Theatre that was doing something that caught my eye, and now it’s A King’s Vengeance. This new fantasy world is ripped from the minds of Davila Leblanc and […]

The Saturn Effect: Alpha Review

Forewarning, I purchased this comic after a trip to New York Comic-Con 2021 and was able to get the first three issues signed by the author himself. That’s not to say I have any personal connection to him or The Saturn Effect: Alpha Kickstarter. I only mention this because I may be biased because of […]

Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus Short Review

Written by: Danny Oliver  Art by: Slobodan Jovanovich  Coloring by: Kurt Michael Russell  Lettering by: Matt Krotzer  Editing by: Janelle Asselin I do have to preface that I did financially back Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus on Kickstarter. To say that this didn’t motivate me to do a little review of it on my website would be […]