The main character of A King's Vengeance sits on top of a velociraptor as he looks over an abandoned looking city.

A King’s Vengeance #1 Review

Written by: Davila Leblanc, Peter Ricq

Art by: Peter Ricq

The main character of A King's Vengeance rides a dinosaur like a horse.
My dude is riding a dinosaur, you can’t top that.

Scout Comics is that indie publisher people should pay more attention to. First, it was Midnight Western Theatre that was doing something that caught my eye, and now it’s A King’s Vengeance. This new fantasy world is ripped from the minds of Davila Leblanc and Peter Ricq. It drops us into a place where people ride dinosaurs instead of horses, wear armor reminiscent of a Space Marine, and all in an art style that looks like the best of Adult Swim.

While the opening page of the exposition was a bit unnecessary, this issue sets the tone really well. It opens with what I can only assume is the first clash between the hero and villain. Then it assures you that this isn’t a typical start for a fantasy adventure.

It feels like A King’s Vengeance starts at the end of another in the best way. The villain feels truly menacing, having already won. And while Mozdial does run the risk of being all flair, that flair is pretty good so far.

The main character of A King's Vengeance is matching swords with this ugly dino monster.
Ugly, meet Ugly.

The hero isn’t anything to scoff at either so far. He could easily feel generic as the lone soldier with nothing to lose, but the way the art captures the immense forlorn ahead of him makes me wanna give him a chance. Where the story leaves him, is more than interesting. There are a bunch of different options for the plot to go, enough that people should really consider giving A King’s Vengeance a shot.

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