Nights #1 Review

Written by: Wyatt Kennedy Art by: Luigi Formisano Coloring by: Francesco Segala, Gloria Martinelli Lettering by: Maria Letizia Mirabella Editing by: Alana Fox Have you ever read a book and had it feel more mature than you? That’s how it felt reading Nights #1. In my pursuit to continue diversifying my taste in comics outside […]

The Forged #1 Review

Written by: Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann Art by: Mike Henderson Coloring by: Nolan Woodard Lettering by: Ariana Maher Editing by: Alejandro Arbona Have you ever wanted a Warhammer comic that was less aggressively grimdark and more aggressively sexual? That’s the vibe the Forged #1 has. It’s far more colorful and upbeat, for sure. But it’s […]

Do a Powerbomb #1 Review

Written by: Daniel Warren Johnson Art by: Daniel Warren Johnson Coloring by: Mike Spicer Lettering by: Rus Wooton There aren’t many art styles like Daniel Warren Johnson’s, and there aren’t many stories like Daniel Warren Johnson’s. When you get a comic that’s written and drawn by the same person, there’s always something different in the […]

I Am Batman #0! Comic Book Reviews 8/11

The dominance of Batman on my tier list returns with I Am Batman and Batman: Urban Legends. They’re both excellent steps towards better representation, but I Am Batman falters a bit out the gate. It spends too much time setting up what previous Jace Fox series should have already established. But we can forgive the […]

The Hellfire Gala & Comic Book Reviews 6/2

The Hellfire Gala begins this week with a whopping three issues. I hope your fans of Marauders, X-Force, and/or Hellions, because if you’re not… this probably wasn’t a good week. Though, to be honest, I don’t expect many X-fans to be left wanting, even if they’re not fans of any of the series this week. […]