Vic, the main character of Forged with "the Forged" title written out.

The Forged #1 Review

Written by: Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann

Art by: Mike Henderson

Coloring by: Nolan Woodard

Lettering by: Ariana Maher

Editing by: Alejandro Arbona

Vic plows through monsters we don't see in the issue on the cover of the Forged #1.

Have you ever wanted a Warhammer comic that was less aggressively grimdark and more aggressively sexual? That’s the vibe the Forged #1 has. It’s far more colorful and upbeat, for sure. But it’s the over-looming fascist monarchy with a religiously fanatic overtone stood out to this recently minted Warhammer fan. That is thankfully where the similarities end.

The design of the world and characters is starkly different. With the religious overtones of the Empress and her closest followers, there’s a sense of danger I can’t place my finger on. Of course, it’s the first issue so I shouldn’t be able to figure it out just yet. I’m hoping that the Forged can keep my interest, and I’m confident it will.

The Forged also does a lot more with one issue than feed into the grimdark nihilism and excessive violence of its genre of space marine action. It sets up a dynamic, an aesthetic, and thus a world that’s fully alive in one issue. What makes this so impressive is that the issue does this while staying confined to one spaceship.

Also, the characters have a sort of space marines dynamic that’s more in the vein of Aliens than anything else. The main characters do spend most of their time replicating military speak if that bores or excites anyone. I do have to admit it does effectively establish the standings and dynamics of the main squad.

The action hasn’t happened yet, but we do get a good look at the space suits, so I’m hopeful we’ll get some awesome sci-fi action soon. That’s the only thing this issue was missing and it’s packed to the brim.

A woman in bdsm tells an officer in uniform "I won't. Approach. There good. Stop."

The one thing that stands out is how formal and eloquent some characters can be one second and normal the next. This little tic in communication feels purposeful, but it does mean I have to read some sentences twice.

Right now, the book is entertaining, but the main squad of imperial vixens don’t stand out to me in terms of personality. I’m hoping that the next few issues will change that.

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