Tim Drake: Robin #1 Review

Written by: Meghan Fitzmartin Art by: Riley Rossmo Coloring by: Lee Loughridge Lettering by: Tom Napolitano Editing by: Jessica Berbey, Arianna Turturro, Ben Abernathy I have a strange relationship with Tim Drake. I never liked him as Robin, he just never interested me when he wore the Robin mantle. But, I fell in love with […]

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4 Review

Written by: Joshua Williamson Art by: Daniel Sampere Coloring by: Alejandro Sanchez Lettering by: Tom Napolitano Editing by: Chris Rosa, Paul Kaminski This is the first issue of this event with the name change. Changing it to Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths is a cash-in, but hardly the worst one. If I tried to argue […]

Detective Comics #1063 Review

Written by: Ram V Art by: Rafael Albuquerque Coloring by: Dave Stewart Lettering by: Ariana Maher Editing by: Arianna Turturro, Jessica Chen, Ben Abernathy Ram V is one of my favorite writers in comic books right now after his work on These Savage Shores. Rafael Albuquerque is an all-star artist who perfectly matches Ram V’s […]

DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor Penciling by: Trevor Hairsine Inking by: Andy Lanning Coloring by: Rain Beredo Lettering by: Saida Temofonte Editing by: Ben Abernathy DCeased: War of the Undead Gods picks up right where the last DCeased book left off. Some of our lost heroes are back, reunited with their loved ones, and yet, the […]

DC Mech #1 Review

Written by: Kenny Porter Art by: Baldemar Rivas Coloring by: Mike Spicer Lettering by: Tom Napolitano Edited by: Dave Wielgos, Ben Abernathy You can tell that the creative team loves mecha-anime, especially the art half of the team, Rivas and Spicer. They expertly capture the size and movement of mechs and the raw destructive energy […]

Batman #125 Review

Written by: Chip Zdarsky Art by: Jorge Jimenez Coloring by: Tomeu Morey Lettering by: Clayton Cowles Editing by: Dave Wielgosz, Ben Abernathy Chip Zdarksy’s Daredevil has been the highlight of Marvel comics for the last two years, even over the majority of X-Books. Having him write the main Bat-title feels like a match made in […]

Batman/Catwoman #12 Review

Written by: Tom King Art by: Clay Mann Coloring by: Tomeu Morey Lettering by: Clayton Cowles Editing by: Brittany Holsherr, Jillian Grant, Chris Conroy The finale to Batman/Catwoman has been long in the making. It was over a year ago that this series first started, aiming to serve as the true finale to Tom King’s […]

Black Adam #1 Review

Written by: Christopher Priest Art by: Rafa Sandoval Coloring by: Matt Herms Lettering by: Willie Schubert Editing by: Chris Rosa, Paul Kaminski Christopher Priest is a writer who knows how to make the reader uncomfortable. Reading his run on Deathstroke often felt like swimming through mud, but that didn’t change how transformative that journey through […]

Poison Ivy #1 Review

Written by: G. Willow Wilson Art by: Marcio Takara Coloring by: Arif Prianto Lettering by: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Editing by: Jessica Berby, Arianna Turturro, Ben Abernathy DC is constantly trying to push Poison Ivy in a new direction different from the last. This is no different. Like many who have written Poison Ivy before, the creative […]

Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis #1 Review

Written by: Joshua Williams, Jeremy Adams, Chuck Brown, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Stephanie Phillips Art/Penciling/Inking by: Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund, Rosi Kampe, Fico Ossio, Leila Del Duca, Clayton Henry Coloring by: Hi-fi, Matt Herms, Sebastian Cheng, Jordie Bellaire, Marcelo Maiolo Lettering by: Josh Reed Editing by: Chris Rosa, Paul Kaminski Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis […]