The Green Arrow family all together in some back alley street.

Green Arrow #1 Review

Written by: Joshua Williamson

Art by: Sean Izaakse

Coloring by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Lettering by: Troy Peteri

Editing by: Ben Abernathy

Now, I would never say I’m a huge Green Arrow guy. I am a huge Black Canary guy because she’s the bees-knees and needs her own book. But Green Arrow is cool too, and he has a pretty underrated family of characters. They all deserve more spotlight, and they haven’t because he hasn’t himself. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the Arrow Family could use a book to revitalize themselves. I’m not sure this book is it.

Not the Green Arrow Book You Were Expecting

Green Arrow is know for being a Social Justice Warrior who’s doing whatever he can to make up for being a rich douchebag. He wants to make sure everyone is respected and treated with human decency. When he fails either in the present by trying to hard, or the times he failed in the past catch up to him, he’s at his best. This first issue teases the idea of taking that approach to the rest of the Arrow family, only swerve into a sci-fi multiverse tale to show the consequences of Dark Crisis.

This just isn’t what Green Arrow has ever been about to my knowledge, and it feels like a bit of a miss. Even the parts surrounding the big Arrow family reunion in this book, get interrupted by the sci-fi weirdness. It’s disappointing and kills my interest more than it grabs it.

The worst part, is that even when Green Arrow #1 teases that it could be about the Arrow family, it doesn’t completely stick the landing. The big reunion that I don’t want to spoil felt a bit rushed, and anticlimactic. It’s been teased for a while, and to have it resolved in the way it was here, with minimal dramatic flair kind of… well… sucks.

I don’t mean to make it seem like Green Arrow #1 is bad. It’s not bad, it’s just fine, good enough. This character deserves better than good enough, but it’s far from too late to prove me wrong. It did get an extension on the issue count, so maybe we’ll see the kind of Green Arrow story we expect.

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