The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire (Chapter 4)

“Man plans, God laughs.” – Yiddish Proverb All of the Demon Kings get up to exit the room; it was decided that should Asmodeus survive they would reconvene in his domain, the Circle of Lust. Asmodeus sits in his chair trying to figure out not how to convince the angels’ but of a more difficult […]

The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire (Chapter 3)

“But who prays for Satan? Who in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?” – Mark Twain SEVERAL YEARS AGO “You must be patient, Clayton, you will never catch anything if you don’t let the pole sit still,” said the boy’s father. As the powerless […]

The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire (Chapter 2)

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1 TODAY In the Circle of Wrath Axel Bone celebrates a successful rebellions of sorts. Satan has been reinstated as the Demon King of Wrath, and the cabal who overthrew him and subjected the daemons have been both killed or […]

The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire (Chapter 1)

“For everything in the world – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life – comes not from the Father but from the world.” – 1 John 2:16 SEVERAL YEARS AGO “Husband, are you listening?” Noella asks him. We’ve been married for little over a year now, but […]

The Great Crow

Year 952, time of the Great Crow. Sepsis, Northern Muriel The dark, long haired assassin and his young apprentice trotted down a muddy path to a small village in the recently war torn region of Sepsis, a place that never flows milk or honey. It was dark at dawn. The assassin could see through the […]

The Ice Princess

The King paces back and forth through the halls. This isn’t his palace, this isn’t the one he grew up in, this isn’t the red carpet he trusts, it isn’t his home… yet it is where the Queen screams, for the princess is not here yet. He can hear her screams of pain as he […]

The Hound of the Night Sky and the Rabbit Moon

With the turn of every day the sky changes. The people see it go by and take it for granted. They never think to thank those who make sure they aren’t blinded or deafened by the infinite white or consuming darkness. They do look up at the sun and thank it for its rays. The […]

Are Superheroes Inherently Fascist?

Are superheroes inherently fascist? No, I don’t really think they are, but I do see how someone could say that. Fascism is a word that’s commonly mis-defined or misinterpreted, and now the superhero is the victim of this. When defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, facism is “a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation […]

Red Sonja: An Achievement in Comic Art

Spoilers for Red Sonja: The Ballad of the Red Goddess. “The more we have the more death will take from us.” This is a quote said by the Adversary from the Red Sonja short story, The Ballad of the Red Goddess, written by Roy Thomas, but more importantly, illustrated in a collaboration by Esteban Maroto […]

She-Hulk by Dan Slott, A Sensational Series

Spoilers for Dan Slott’s entire She-Hulk run. So She-Hulk has always been a character I liked for her appearances in the Fantastic Four and Incredible Hulk cartoons. She was kind of like the spunky alternative to the Hulk. As anyone knows, She-Hulk is known for being sexy. Since John Bryne got his hands on the […]