Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 41)

“The foreboding, terrible, downright-sinister feeling that comes when someone’s annoying you… it never goes away. Sorry to tell you.” Henry Lockley, the Bard of the Song, 447 A.C.A. While they may not have enjoyed the idea of going with Jack to Cloudtower, making Andy describe her vision convinced them. Malum and Astrid spent hours combing […]

The Forged #1 Review

Written by: Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann Art by: Mike Henderson Coloring by: Nolan Woodard Lettering by: Ariana Maher Editing by: Alejandro Arbona Have you ever wanted a Warhammer comic that was less aggressively grimdark and more aggressively sexual? That’s the vibe the Forged #1 has. It’s far more colorful and upbeat, for sure. But it’s […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 20)

The Stakeout PYRE Stakeouts are boring. It’s one of the few things movies never succeeded in making look fun, but they at least turned that into a joke. It’s not funny in real life. It’s just sitting and waiting for someone to do something, and that can never be anything but boring.   We started […]

Some Vampires Just Like to Watch

“Why do you do this?” Camilla asked Cade, one immortal to another. Fucking vampires. Cade looked out over the barren planet, and its sky devoid of stars, planets, and moons. There was only one light left in the universe. He stared at it, his eyes able to stare directly into the light without feeling the […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 40)

“The gods are not kind to people like us, the gods are not kind to anyone.” Malum Chun, 448 A.C.A. “I’m going to Cloudtower.” They had barely gotten into the tent before Jack broke the silence. I’m shocked he let us sleep on it, Andy thought as she avoided almost everyone’s gaze. She didn’t miss […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 19)

The Scientist PYRE Dr. Ray, it really has been a while. I don’t think I ever spoke to her once, fire probably isn’t her thing. That all said, AUSI is a nice school, big campus, a park in the middle, and those metal tent over the pathways for when it snows or rains. If my […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 39)

“No good can come from a god’s attention.” Jack Starshield, 448 A.C.A. It took a few weeks for S.S. Lappy to get back to the Icy Pearl Isles. Again, Malum complained about spotting his own men informing the others of their arrival. This time Andy was there to question if anyone else would see what […]

Bloodline: Daughter of Blade #1 Review

Written by: Danny Lore Art by: Karen S. Darboe Coloring by: Cris Peter Lettering by: VC’s Joe Sabino Editing by: Martin Biro, Annalise Bissa I’m not a Blade guy, but I have nothing against Blade either. So I walked into this book with few expectations. That means I also tried to ignore the Bloodline: Daughter […]

The Wolf Pack (Chapter 18)

The Pigs The city just keeps getting darker, and more devoid of the good that’s supposed to keep us going. Fear fills heroes, distrust fills people, and doubt fills those trying to hold us together. The fight with Hundress and Stoneman went too far, it scared those in South Aeg. There are protests in the […]

The Sins of Sinister #1 Review

Written by: Kieron Gillen Art by: Lucas Werneck Coloring by: Bryan Valenza Lettering by: VC’s Clayton Cowles Editing by: Lauren Amaro, Jordan D. White The X-Men are known for their alternate futures, each about how the world can end and where mutants will be during the end. First, was Days of Future’s Past, where the […]