Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 6)

“Friends? Who needs friends when you have so many enemies to entertain you?” Henry Lockley, the Bard of the Song, 447 A.C.A. “Now what?” Lucy asked. “What the fuck do you mean, ‘now what?’” Jack asked. He gestured to their world burning behind them, “We just lost everything, everyone we knew, everything we built, and […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 3)

“There will be more wars after this one, there will not be peace no matter who wins, so ultimately, war is pointless.” – Quintus Lato Equitus, 448 A.C.A. There are few things warriors like to do more than celebrate. Victory is a drug with a better high than any substance. It brings you up, but […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 2)

“In all fairness to me, I was trying to eat you.” – Calis Lexus, the Boar, 448 A.C.A. Jack took a gander of three experienced warriors, each approaching the legionnaires with their own entourage.  They each came leading their own pack, but the Black Legion walked far apart from each other. To Jack, they appeared […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 1)

“My mother said, ‘If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?’ I told her, ‘It was my idea, mother, you birthed a leader, not a follower.’” – Harris Thorn, Lord of House Thorn, 448 After the Coming of Almulan “Jack, your boyfriend just cut a guy’s head off,” Andy called to the back of […]

The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire Chapter 40

“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.” – Arthur Miller TODAY Escaping from the Archangel and the Princess had been easy. During one of the many times the metal shell collided with the ground, he disconnected his metal wings from his body, and slipped out of the metal shell into the dust which hid his […]

The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire Chapter 39

“And in the end, we’re all just humans… drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald. SEVERAL YEARS AGO Alice quickly started trying to get drunk at the party. She spent a lot of her time getting to know each member of her brother’s harem, or at least […]

The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire Chapter 38

“Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end.” – Tracy McMillan TODAY “So you guys sexually assault each other to heal yourselves?” Beatrix Bone questions.  Asmodeus groans and rest his head in his hands. “Yeah, that’s… that’s not cool, even when it’s happening to a dude,” Axel […]

The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire Chapter 37

“Love is nothing but lust misspelled.” – Dan Simmons For several hundred years Asmodea was Asmodeus’s, the original Asmodeus’s. Not in the way she is with her poly, nothing romantic.  I was basically one of a Sultan’s harem, his weapon, his tool, and his toy. And his pheromones… he got me addicted on it, like […]

The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire Chapter 36

“Never miss a good party… good for the nerves — like celery.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald After the battle it was counted up that at least of third of the angels and daemons had decided that they would rather stay to kill each other. Asmodeus couldn’t understand how even when they had nothing to fight […]

The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire Chapter 35

“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.” – Mary Angelou When Asmodeus wakes, to say that his left side aches is putting it mildly. He turns his head slightly, opening his eyes to a squint. He can see the impact radius of A’rock’s attack […]