The Hood: Legacy & Immortality Chapter 2

The Captive The Golden Age of piracy, the seven seas, true freedom. I’ve known what true freedom tastes like for longer than all of my crew have been alive, but I was always alone in that experience. I have spent many eras not caring what the world had to say about me. Others, with their […]

The Hood Legacy & Immortality Chapter 4

The New Contract “Hermanos, we really are rolling in dough now,” Jose says as he grins. Cassidy reminds him, “Something tells me you don’t really know how much everything is. This will last us a couple months. Maybe only one.” “A month that we don’t have to get shot at,” Jose reasons. He can always […]

The Hood: Legacy & Immortality Chapter 1

The Bounty It’s 1883, the Wild West of America. A never to be forgotten time, full of people and places who will assuredly be forgotten. The Wild West is a time of cowboys, lawmen, outlaws, and victims. I said cowboys and outlaws separately. Take notice. Cowboys are the kind of people children are told about […]