The Alpha Chapter 7

VII “Lies are cages in themselves.” “Catch him!” “Don’t let him get away!” “No, don’t shoot him!” POOWW!!! ***** “Hey, I think he’s waking up!” “Blue, shut up and leave him alone.” “What, why?!” “Grrr…” “Fine, I’ll leave, I don’t know even know why you’re growling at me, Caypha.” “RRRAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!” “That’s why.” I wake snarling […]

The Alpha Chapter 3

III “Pain is relative, do not expect the cub to stand the pain of the alpha.” The cats should learn their place. ‘Benji,’ they call the one with the stripes. The ‘tiger,’ they call it. Man, they call prey and rivals these words. I see them, and hear them call the feline with the stripes, […]

The Alpha Chapter 2

II “It should be no surprise, the capacity of a dog’s loyalty. They come from wolves; they certainly didn’t get it from us.” The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. My pack is large, greater than the other packs. I have many brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, I have had three mates. I […]