Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #1 Review

Written by: Mark Waid Art by: Dan Mora Coloring by: Tamra Bonvillain Lettering by: Aditya Bidikar Batman/Superman: World’s Finest is interesting for several reasons. This marks the return of Mark Waid, a historic writer in the comic industry, especially at DC for one-off stories like Kingdom Come, and award-worthy runs like Legion of Super-heroes and […]

Superman: Son of Kal-El #5 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor Art by: John Timms Coloring by: Hi-fi Lettering by: Dave Sharpe Tom Taylor is two-for-two this week, between Superman: Son of Kal-El #5 and Dark Ages #3. Where in Dark Ages he twisted the world against our heroes, here he brings a newish hero into his own in the DC world […]

Action Comics #1036 Review

Written by: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Art by: Daniel Sampere Coloring by: Adriano Lucas Lettering by: Dave Sharpe What’s more important for making a good villain? The way he talks, the way he walks, or what he talks and walks for? Mongul is a classic Superman villain, famous for one good story. Finally, he’ll have another, […]

Icon & Rocket Return! Comic Book Reviews 7/28

It feels like we’re under the second Reign of the Supermen with three Superman books out this week, two of them being new number ones. We have the long awaited Superman: Son of Kal-El, headed by Tom Taylor, and the continually amazing Action Comics. Both stun and amaze, but the most important one, is the […]

Superman & the Authority & Comic Book Reviews 7/21

Who knew Superman would be taking the lead in back-to-back weeks? And not just him, his cousin, Supergirl has one of my favorite issues of the year. Between Superman & the Authority, and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, fans of the Super-fam have a lot to eat. I love it, especially as I get back into […]

House of El Returns & Comic Book Reviews 7/14

Future State returns to us once again with the Action Comics 2021 Annual! It brings back a litany of characters introduced in Future State: House of El, which includes the best girl in DC, Theand’r. Yeah, there was no way Theand’r shows up in a comic book again and not be the first thing I […]

Infinite Frontier & Comic Book Reviews 6/23

The Hellfire makes its rocky way towards its end with three more issues, just as DC starts and interesting path with its Infinite Frontier miniseries. DC is finally giving us what we want, a more open DC Universe. If only it didn’t feel so disingenuous, as the major characters and their titles limp a bit […]

Superman Should Smash Racism

So originally I was gonna write a review about “Superman Smashes the Klan,” by Gene Luen Yang, with art from Guruhiru, and that book alone. But I’m not. I did make a video version of this piece though. The book is amazing, it’s actually broken into my top five favorite comic book stories of all […]

S.W.O.R.D. & Comic Book Reviews for 4/21

This week, Marvel with SWORD contends for the best singular issue of the year, while half the week falls flat. I only picked up one DC book today, Justice League, and the rest were X-Men.  The highs of Marvel with SWORD and Way of X were really high, and the lows of Justice League and […]

DC’s Infinite Frontier So Far

So the Infinite Frontier has begun, and I’ve read a few of the first new issues this week. I’ve read Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Detective Comics, Justice League, Teen Titans Academy, and Batman: Urban Legends. Eight titles in all. I think most get off to a relatively good start, here are some quick […]