Raydorn: The Valkyrie & the Frost Chapter 2

“My mother always told me not to pray to the gods, they have better things to do than listen to me complain.” – Torn, the Thunderer , 1275 A.C.A. Today, Areniya rides atop her griffin, a beast with the head and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion. She flies expertly through the […]

Raydorn: The Valkyrie & the Frost Chapter 1

“The child of the Frost, her child may bring fire and destruction. Her child may bring about the very end.” – The Prophecy of Knight, 1328 After the Coming of Almulan Osera is not what one would call likable, anyone who disagrees can ask her sister, her brothers, nieces, nephews, jilted friends, jaded business partners, […]