The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Chapter 7)

A Deficiency of Desire The war has taken some unexpected deviances from the original plans. After Madam Sadness defeated and captured Sir Happiness, we thought the war was on its way to ending, and I foolishly allowed her to maintain her new territories instead of marching against Sir Peace. I had thought Lord Dread could […]

The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Chapter 5)

The Heart of Evil King Evil, my lesser son, the mother’s favorite. It is high time I turn my attention towards him to gleam why it is he claims his neutrality. I cannot say if such action is uncharacteristic anymore, I’ve never wished to know his Majesty that well. It would do me no good. […]

The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Chapter 4)

For Honor, For Death The loss of the Duchess of Despair weighs heavily on everyone involved. It is not a secret that a new Duchess will eventually take her place, that she will be Reincarnated, but she will never be the Duchess we all know and care for. She will be a new person who […]

The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Chapter 3)

A Good Sacrifice The contest for Lady Love proved quite fruitful in many ways, both expected and unexpected. With Lady Love now under the protection of Lord Dread there should be little time before Lady Justice is utterly defeated and her lands taken over. Still, I highly doubt that will happen in time to help […]

The Hood & the Wolf Pack (Chapter 4)

The Interrogation Room THE DIRECTOR You know, that I was lucky to here that Espada was taking a gap year to figure out what she wanted to study. I thought ‘Yay! That’s one full-time superhero on the clock, and it’s the most powerful one!’ Then I turn on the twelve o’clock news to see her […]

Guardians: Heroes of the Milky Way Chapter 4

Chapter Four: Clayton Knight                     “They took the girls in, the, the big building. The square building! In the basement,” the boy stutters to me. “The compound? Make sense,” I tell myself. “The basement is probably made out of solid concrete. That explains why I can’t hear anyone other than the usual thugs.” I look […]

Guardians: Heroes of the Milky Way Chapter 3

Chapter Three: Hideo TriVi Die-Ve Eron  The sun’s rays burn my skin. I was meant for nocturnal life, as was the rest of my people, but we still have to push on. I have to walk the barren and steaming deserts to the frozen part of Acoustica that always faces away from the sun, where […]

Guardians: Heroes of the Milky Way Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Alloya Ra’non               Today is the most important day of my life, so please just let her be okay. They call name after name, getting closer to hers one after the other. Please let her be okay, do not let her break under the pressure. If she messes up everyone will remember and judge […]

Guardians: Heroes of the Milky Way Chapter 1

Chapter One: Terra’rork                       “I don’t really think about it,” I tell my co-worker. We’re working at Guardian’s Emergency Hospital in Aloy, the largest city above ground on Tora, the homeworld of the Techanots, and also a Regamorph colony. When I was with Team Sunset, I was the medic, the healer when I wasn’t piloting. After […]

The Hood & the Wolf Pack (Chapter 3)

The Magician THE HOOD Persistence doesn’t mean success, something that criminals for some reason cannot get through their heads. I didn’t know that when Claire tried to recruit me for her superhero team, that I would have been joining a team right before they get sent out into the field. Being that half of them […]