The Incarnations: Old Sins of Evil Chapter 3

Chapter Three: The Lightbringer Evil is everywhere.  He’s on the plains of Earth, as one tribe takes everything that matters to another, and leaves them to die.  He’s on the lone planet, Timeo, where a planet full of sentient bat-like creatures are about to be wiped out by a black hole that entered their solar […]

The Incarnations: Old Sins of Evil Chapter 2

Chapter Two: The Reckoning of Sin The boundaries between what makes a man a villain and what makes them heroic, are fragile. Not in that they are hard to distinguish, but the choices that make someone one or the other appear beside each other. The option for great good is placed aside with the option […]

The Incarnations: Old Sins of Evil Chapter 1

Chapter One: The Birth of Sin and Patronage Before the Incarnal War, King Evil and his mother were always close, as his brother and I are. I’ve only scratched the surface as to why, but one of the reasons must be that they are very much alike. They both have inquisitive minds, they both feel […]