The Incarnations Chapter 7

The Lord and his Lady Lady Love has not left her room for the hours that have passed. Her servants attend her, try to calm her, and overall do their to best to make sure there is no need for her to leave the castle.  She sits up on her bed, tears still streaked against […]

The Incarnations Chapter 6

The Lord’s Vengeance The night is dark with rain, and it is black. As the rain hits the shadows of the Lord, he watches over the city from the rooftops, watching for one singular car to come. The road is empty except for the one coming from the coroner, just as the light from Lord […]

The Incarnations Chapter 5

An Evil Love Lady Love takes them to her favorite love story. She has been watching them over the past few years, a relationship between the pauper and the self-made princess bear fruit.  A few years ago, this man worked at a simple coffee shop, his life falling apart. As a simple waiter, he made […]

The Incarnations Chapter 4

The Battlegrounds of Man When Lady Hate and Sir Happiness finally take their leave, Lord Dread turns to his own Lady to explain everything to her in a more well-mannered tone. Much to his surprise and dismay, she runs from him past the doors of his throne room and to the side of his hurt […]

The Incarnations Chapter 3

The Duchesses Two, the Ladies Two, the Sir and the Lord of One The Lady’s sleep lasts through the morning and even into the afternoon, for the day before had mentally exhausted her. She finds herself not only failing to maintain humanity, but her Lord’s faith in himself, or so she fears. For the first […]

The Incarnations Chapter 2

The Lady’s Violent Compromise “I have just the idea of how to prove that love exists!” Lady Love beams, her finger pointing up into the air.  The Lord Dread crosses his arms in doubt as the astral image dissipates. “Do tell me your plan, Lo,” he asks of her. He knows not of what to […]

The Incarnations Chapter 1

The Lady and Her Lord Lady Love, the epitome of beauty and grace. Her nature to care for anything is unmatched by anything else in Creation. Her power unlimited in capacity. Her knowledge limited only by her will. Her realm is a simple valley, full of life. Gardens and streams, animals and plants for her […]