Knights of X #1 Review

Written by: Tini Howard Art by: Bob Quinn Coloring by: Erick Arciniega Lettering by: VC’s Ariana Maher Excalibur was one of my favorites of Dawn of X, and I’m glad it’s getting a continuation. It already had arguably the best roster among the X-teams, and Knights of X continues that legacy. Tini Howard’s run made […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 21)

“The lesson is don’t go into the ocean during a storm, and then you won’t need Lapis.” – Astrid, First Disciple of Lapis, 448 A.C.A. “But we just got back!” Lucy complained.  “But this is one of our own that we need to save,” Quintus told her, trying to coax her from her tantrum.  She […]

The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Author’s Note)

If you’re reading this first sentence I’ll make sure you don’t waste your time by informing you that I’ll be talking about three things in my Author’s Note: my inspirations for this world, and the two most important pairs in Love & Dread and The Incarnal War. If you don’t want to know about either […]

The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Chapter 17)

Peace, Based on a Lie, is Peace Nonetheless Sir Peace overlooks the world from the spire. His globe is now showcasing the Earth, the world of Man, one of the many worlds that Madam Honor and the Duke of War now oversee.  While the Sir did not speak out against his brother and the Madam […]

The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Chapter 16)

The Pairs and the Pain It’s been several hundred years since power transitioned from the Creators to the Incarnations. In that time, Madam Honor and the Duke of War have proven that Death made the right choice those years ago. They decided early on that humanity should not know of our presence, and while the […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 20)

“Some people can find their own way. Some people need to be pushed off the cliff.” – Dynastan Ming of Susanna, 430 A.C.A. “You kids are gonna love them,” Astrid said, easily heard across Lucy’s whole ship as she talked to the kids, “they have really cool fins, and shark teeth, fish mermaids are so-”  […]

The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Chapter 15)

A Lack of Gratitude A Lack of Gratitude Every Incarnation was told by Death and I to go home and to stay there until called upon for the summit, where terms between the victors and the defeated would discuss how we would all proceed. There was much time to be spent by each of us […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 19)

“I’ve met old men who’ve lived longer than anyone else and haven’t learned a thing. Don’t sell ignorance short.” – Astrid, First Disciple of Lapis, 448 A.C.A. “Was it a mistake to leave the kids with Malum?” Quintus asked Astrid. Oh brother, she thought to herself. ‘He has an honest concern,’ Lapis reminded her. If […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 18)

“There is law even in the jungle.” – Malum Chum, 448 A.C.A. It was a strange sight to see a teenage girl on the back of a wild cat. Panthers weren’t supposed be big enough to support someone’s weight, and they’re certainly not supposed to let people ride them. People in general aren’t supposed to […]

The Incarnations: The Incarnal War (Chapter 13)

Life & Death Here comes the time when my inadequacies in war are shown to all. Where my failure to anticipate outcomes and hold my own warriors proves disastrous against Death’s ability to do both. When the thunder sounded, it marked the beginning of the enemy’s last-ditch effort, and went off nearly without a single […]