Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 51)

“It’s easy to die when the one you love abandons you, and all you have left to give is the meat on your bones.” Astrid, 448 A.C.A. The wine in Amidala’s hand whipped around the rim with the slump in her walk, if it could even be called that. She stumbled to her room as […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 50)

“What we lose to men who follow orders.” Andelyn Stella, 448 A.C.A. Boing! “Ow!”  Bong! “Please!” Bamp! “Not the face!” Bamph! “My lute!” If you couldn’t guess, Henry Lockely was being beaten — mercilessly one might add — with his own lute.  Oh, and by Andelyn Stella.Yes, she was beating him with his own lute […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 45)

“There are some people who you don’t hide the truth around. They’re your people, but they don’t always know that.” Henry Lockley, the Bard of the Song, 437 A.C.A. There was safety in the shallow waters around the Icy Pearl Isles. Even if you were dead, you should feel the rush of an incoming shark […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 44)

“Oh, to be bred and domesticated, just to die.” Astrid, 448 A.C.A Gronin was the God of the Earth. Zenos could claim to be the God of Sky, and Thassia the Goddess of the Sea, but they knew they were the surface of all that was Him. And so, across the world, people across different […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 43)

“For now, we’ll be the only two people in the world.” Quintus Lato Equitus, 448 A.C.A. The walk from the ship to the road wasn’t long. The walk from the road to Shadetown, on the other hand, redefined the word.  At least three separate times, Astrid cursed Solicki, not for murdering Lapis, but in her […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 40)

“The gods are not kind to people like us, the gods are not kind to anyone.” Malum Chun, 448 A.C.A. “I’m going to Cloudtower.” They had barely gotten into the tent before Jack broke the silence. I’m shocked he let us sleep on it, Andy thought as she avoided almost everyone’s gaze. She didn’t miss […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 39)

“No good can come from a god’s attention.” Jack Starshield, 448 A.C.A. It took a few weeks for S.S. Lappy to get back to the Icy Pearl Isles. Again, Malum complained about spotting his own men informing the others of their arrival. This time Andy was there to question if anyone else would see what […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 38)

“A rose by any name… still has thorns.” Princess Derilla of Raydorn, 439 A.C.A. “<You know that archmage of yours is going to poison your coffee every chance you get?>” Andelyn told Lord Weisheng. “<So do all of my sons, but I’ve developed a tolerance for poison and a nose for bullshit.>” The two of […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 35)

“The shadows surely become you, but the light certainly does not.” Foster Lao, Wielder of Fucho and Huibao, 448 A.C.A. There weren’t petals falling from the trees and flowing all around them when Foster Lao came to Regalic Sol. There were looks of disgust and whispers amongst what was the most talkative of patrons. Lao […]

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 34)

“Not enough men hug each other. Get over yourselves.” Henry Lockley, the Bard of the Song, 438 A.C.A. “Your sword can’t be that interesting to look at.” Malum ignored Andy as he inspected his sword. With it, he could defeat Foster Lao with but a strike. With his fists and skill alone… he’s not so […]