Five Characters Marvel Midnight Suns Should Add

So with Marvel Midnight Suns, we have another great-looking Marvel game. It’s made by Firaxis, the developers behind XCom, the popular tactical sci-fi role-playing series. They’re known not only for their deep turn-based strategy combat but also for their punishing permadeath and RPG mechanics. While we shouldn’t expect to see permadeath with Marvel superheroes, we […]

When Should a Superhero Reveal Their Secret Identity?

There’s a staple of superhero mythos that’s been around since the dawn of superhero comics. Something that doesn’t have a real-life equivalent, outside of being a spy, maybe. This makes it difficult to discern its morality even in context. This thing is the secret identity. The name heroes go by during their regular daily life […]

Batman & More Comic Book Reviews for 5/5

This week wasn’t the best week, but also not the worst. It feels like I’m drawn to the same books week after week… after week. Guess what books I loved this week? Batman and X-Men, no surprise.  Guess what disappointed me? Pretty much everything else from DC. DC is starting to feel like a one-trick […]

My Problem with Black Panther (As a Black Man)

Let me first say, I am black. I’m not some white guy talking about how Black Panther and Wakanda are unrealistic or made to pander to black people. You know, the things true of every white superhero.  But people aren’t ready to hear that. My problem stems from Black Panther’s place in pop culture with […]

DC vs Marvel NetherRealm Game?

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, being completely honest here… I only got the idea for this article after watching Bilbzy’s video for a DC vs Marvel roster would be. Check out the video version of my article here. He said what changes we would make and who we would switch out, and it gave me […]

DC’s Infinite Frontier So Far

So the Infinite Frontier has begun, and I’ve read a few of the first new issues this week. I’ve read Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Detective Comics, Justice League, Teen Titans Academy, and Batman: Urban Legends. Eight titles in all. I think most get off to a relatively good start, here are some quick […]

Midnight Western Theatre: The Next Great Paranormal Western

If you never heard of Midnight Western Theatre, don’t sweat it, I don’t blame you. I picked it up randomly at the comic book store this week when my pull was strangely small. Then found myself looking at this cover, with a vampire and a woman with black and white hair both in wild west […]

Future State: Does it Suck?

Okay, I’ve read over two dozen Future State books, especially if you count the backups as their own separate series. If that’s not enough to say whether the majority of them are enjoyable or not, I don’t what else to say. Future State is a recent initiative by DC to create this line of books […]

Top Five Best Batsuits

I wanted to make a video that was just fun and excitement, no major critical analysis. The best way to do that was to talk about what’s my favorite DC superhero, Batman and his best batsuit. His design is half of what makes him so awesome to me. Even if a writer can’t write Batman […]

Best Superhero Comics of 2020

Okay, 2020 sucked a whole lot. It was scary when comics stopped coming out for a few months in the spring, but we got through it. A lot of good comics eventually came out. Mostly X-Men, but still a lot of good comics. Now it’s time to pick my favorite books to come out in […]