Titans United! Comic Book Reviews 9/15

This week, I’m going to do something a little different. You’ll notice that I’ve reviewed fewer books this week, only four, but I go deeper into my feelings on them. I felt that I was just speed reading through them to get my opinions out, but that was a mistake. More people aren’t going to […]

Dark Ages #1 & Comic Book Reviews 9/1

Dark Ages brings us to another awesome alternate universe where any hero can die. Tom Taylor brings his style of storytelling to the Marvel universe and I expect it to keep its high quality for the rest of the series. In DC, other universes in DC’s Multiverse are fighting back against the universe we all […]

The Trial of Magneto #1 & Comic Book Reviews

Tom King is 50/50 this week, while the X-Men absolutely clean house with my pull list this week. Between the Trial of Magneto and Way of X, I thought X-Men was spoiling me. Then I read Marauders and X-Corp and knew that I was getting more X-goodness than I deserve. I understand that they’re not […]

I Am Batman #0! Comic Book Reviews 8/11

The dominance of Batman on my tier list returns with I Am Batman and Batman: Urban Legends. They’re both excellent steps towards better representation, but I Am Batman falters a bit out the gate. It spends too much time setting up what previous Jace Fox series should have already established. But we can forgive the […]

Suicide Squad: Get Joker! Comic Book Reviews 8/4

We get a surprise Black Label book in Suicide Squad: Get Joker, and while its certainly edgy, it’s good too. It’s nice to see a new Black Label book that’s not about Batman after more were just announced last week. Hopefully it leads to more non-Batman Black Label books, though that would be surprising considering […]

Infinite Frontier & Comic Book Reviews 6/23

The Hellfire makes its rocky way towards its end with three more issues, just as DC starts and interesting path with its Infinite Frontier miniseries. DC is finally giving us what we want, a more open DC Universe. If only it didn’t feel so disingenuous, as the major characters and their titles limp a bit […]

The Hellfire Gala & Comic Book Reviews 6/2

The Hellfire Gala begins this week with a whopping three issues. I hope your fans of Marauders, X-Force, and/or Hellions, because if you’re not… this probably wasn’t a good week. Though, to be honest, I don’t expect many X-fans to be left wanting, even if they’re not fans of any of the series this week. […]

TMNT: The Last Ronin & Comic Book Reviews for 5/26

This was a strange weak. Neither DC nor Marvel disappointed me this week. Even the weakest of DC was still pretty good. Overall, the heights of both X-Men, New Mutants, and Harley Quinn have me on a comic book high. Hell, even the rather lackluster TMNT: The Last Ronin, couldn’t bring me down. If you […]

Batman & More Comic Book Reviews for 5/5

This week wasn’t the best week, but also not the worst. It feels like I’m drawn to the same books week after week… after week. Guess what books I loved this week? Batman and X-Men, no surprise.  Guess what disappointed me? Pretty much everything else from DC. DC is starting to feel like a one-trick […]

BRZRKR & More Comic Book Reviews for 4/28

DC is here to redeem themselves after some poor showings these last two weeks. It’s the perfect time too, because there’s only one Marvel release on my pull list. New Mutants is great, but it’s nice to see DC do pretty good for the most part after some lackluster title releases. That isn’t say DC […]