The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire

A visual representation of hell which may not match the setting of the House of Asmodeus, but definitely the tone.
Hell is lit. Cartoon vector created by upklyak –

Written by Christopher Knighton.

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Action. Synopsis: For each of the Seven Circles of Hell and Seven Sins, consequently there is a Demon King ruling over it. They are each gifted with unimaginable power, influence, land to control — along with built-in room service in every castle!

As the new King of Lust, his trusted friends, and lovers settle into their new roles, the Seven Demon Kings are called to war. They have been challenged by the angels over a plot to frame Hell so that another war for the afterlife may begin. At the same time, a new species reveals themselves as just make things really hard and complicated for the new King of Lust.

Whether friend or foe, Asmodeus, alongside his great loves and friends, must find a way to bring peace or victory. In short, it’s the fate of the afterlife if they fail, and of the family Asmodeus has worked so hard to save.

Warning: The House of Asmodeus contains graphic violence in its chapters. It also contains sexual content and a positive view of a polyamorous life style. Above all, we welcome criticism of writing style or how things are framed incorrectly. Criticism of someone’s lifestyle in itself, is not, for instance.

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Chapter CountContent Warning
Chapter 1Graphic Violence, Language, Minor Sexual Themes
Chapter 2Language, Minor Sexual Themes
Chapter 3Language
Chapter 4Language
Chapter 5Language, Sexual Content
Chapter 6Language, Minor Sexual Themes
Chapter 7Language, Minor Sexual Themes
Chapter 8Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 9Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 10Language, Sexual Content
Chapter 11Language
Chapter 12Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 13Language
Chapter 14Language
Chapter 15Language
Chapter 16Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 17Language, Minor Sexual Themes
Chapter 18Language, Minor Sexual Themes
Chapter 19None
Chapter 20Language
Chapter 21Language, Minor Sexual Themes
Chapter 22Language
Chapter 23Graphic Violence, Language, Minor Sexual Themes
Chapter 24Graphic Violence, Language, Minor Sexual Themes.
Chapter 25Language
Chapter 26Language
Chapter 27Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 28Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 29Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 30Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 31Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 32Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 33Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 34Graphic Violence, Language, Minor Sexual Themes
Chapter 35Graphic Violence, Language
Chapter 36Language, Sexual Content
Chapter 37Attempted Suicide, Language
Chapter 38Language
Chapter 39Language
Chapter 40 (FINAL)None

Writer’s note: Firstly, this story is based on a fanfiction and characters under open domain. Secondly, it is not monetized on any platform. Furthermore, characters based on those from another story will never be used for any promotional material. A link cannot be provided because the site of the original story cannot be verified as safe from viruses.

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