The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire (Chapter 36)

“Never miss a good party… good for the nerves — like celery.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

After the battle it was counted up that at least of third of the angels and daemons had decided that they would rather stay to kill each other. Asmodeus couldn’t understand how even when they had nothing to fight over, they still chose to kill each other. 

Lucifina had told him, “It’s their nature, and there’s nothing we can do to change it.” 

After everyone was sent back to their Circle of Sin and Heaven, there was only negotiations left to be done. There were the war negotiations, their prisoner of war, peace stipulations, and then  the small matter of the Nephilim. 

The Council and a couple dozen who are associated with them are in the Circle of Lust, situated in its palace to discuss with all of the Demon Kings and Archangels how things are going to go down. 

They have all met in the same room in Asmodeus’s palace as where the Demon Kings had convened the last time.


They are all taking their seats with Asmodeus and Uriel at the two heads of the long table. Each Demon King is situated across from their Archangel counterpart, except for Jophiel sitting across from Sheare, because Leviathan isn’t exactly around to argue with her. 

Michael compliments Asmodeus’s domain as he sits down next to him. “The Circle of Lust is a much more beautiful place than I had originally been told. Your home is quite beautiful, too.”

“Thank you, Michael. I’ll make sure to tell Dotor that you said that, he’ll be very pleased with himself,” Asmodeus replies.

Satan speaks up first to get them on task. “Okay, I think we should hurry up and get down to business. Let’s start with how this happened,” the King lifts up his stump which is now all he has of his right hand, “I knew about Uriel’s white lightning, but never that you could summon it at will in two seconds flat.”

“Yes, I would also be curious as to where and how you gained the ability of black lightning, and maybe why the King of Lust can now suddenly summon white flames,” Chamuel adds.

Asmodeus adjusts his red tie against his black shirt before he speaks. “Under the direction of my wife, Uriel performed something we Lust demons call the Chorus Libidinal, to save my life. The side effect of such a thing created some sort of bond, allowing us to use both dark and light magic without physical repercussions.”

Lucifina quietly mutters, “Maybe I should do that then.” Asmodeus and Michael both hear it, and Asmodeus smiles where Michael doesn’t know what the Chorus Libidinal entails.

“Heh, should we all be rushing to complete the Chorus Libidinal with each other then?” Belphegor asks sarcastically. 

Oh good, Asmodeus thinks to himself, he knows what it is.

“While I’m flattered, I don’t think I can give it any daemons,” Asmodeus says, getting in on the joke. 

Belphegor makes nods his head facetiously.

Michael raises his hand like a confused student in class. “What did this act entail you both doing?”

Lucifina smiles smugly at her opposite’s innocence. She tells everyone, “It entails sexual activity to give the other one energy.” Michael turns beat red, much like Azale does, Asmodeus notices. 

“In all seriousness, as far as I can remember,” Asmodeus starts informing, “there needs to be at least one Lust daemon involved for it to work. So unless all the Archangel’s want to argue the point, I must say that I am taken…”

“Nope,” assures Gabriel.

“Not a chance,” replies Chamuel.

Jophiel looks Asmodeus over, and almost regretfully mutters, “I’m fine.”

Lucifina curiously asks, “What about daemons who are partially of lust and other Sins?”

Asmodeus replies with great interest, “Can only know for sure by trying, mother.”

Lucifina turns to Michael and adds, “In case you were wondering Michael, I am half succubus from my father’s side. I have performed the Chorus Libidinal before to know that it works,” as she gives him a comical wink and a smirk.

“Really?” Michael replies trying to hide his grin by rubbing his chin, feigning a false sense of curiosity before his sister elbows him. He looks at Gabriel in confusion as she rolls his eyes at him.   

“You two can find a room later,” the King of Greed remarks, “let’s get to the reason why our three newcomers are here.” 

Jessibana and David try to sit up straight while Sheare does his best not to laugh.

“Ah yes, I have some information in regards to that,” Asmodeus informs them, “after speaking with my Reaver about this, we decided that the best location in the Circle of Lust would be a few miles from the capital here. That way construction can build the city quickly, and we can both supervise and artificially flood people and trade their way. 

“My advisors have been looking for a way to stop the overly polluted docking area and overpopulation here too, so another healthy population nearby should help with that. We have a surplus of food and water for the people here so the community can be easily sustained. The only thing that I ask is that daemons from around the Circle of Lust, and around the capital here be accepted freely and fluidly.” 

“That would be perfect!” David is quick to exclaim, standing to bow his head to the King of Lust. “Thank you, my Lord.” 

“It’s King actually but close enough,” Asmodeus jokes as he tries waving David to sit back down.

“So this is really happening,” Jessibana mutters to herself. Satan rests his only hand on her shoulder, giving her a quick pat. 

Sheare has a few concerns. “I would like to know how our people’s safety would be secured. I don’t think we should assume anything when it comes to daemons responding to angels. That’s not even taking into consideration how they’ll react to Nephilim walking around.”

“I can understand your concern, and that’s why a police force can be set up in this new city, run by your Council,” Asmodeus assures the goblin. “When it comes to those who travel around, I can only promise the same safeties I offer other daemons who find conflict with each other. If you start a fight, expect to risk your life. In the capital, it’s become social law to only fight when challenged to a formal duel. Don’t forget, we’re mainly daemons of Lust here, succubi and incubi are more likely to show their spite by denying you sex, not as much physical threats.”

Sheare grumbles something but ultimately quiets. He isn’t completely content, but he is sated for now.

Uriel adds, “We,” in reference to the Archangels, “have not planned as far ahead or as efficiently as the King of Lust has, but we can say that as soon as we have a new Archangel of Temperance, we can begin to focus where we can to have place in Heaven dedicated to integrating your community into our society.” 

The other Archangels nods in agreement.

“We’ve waited long for this, we can wait a little longer to receive this pieces at a time,” David replies.

“I have a better question to ask the Demon Kings,” Raphael, the Archangel of Charity asks, “how do you plan to go about replacing both the King of Envy and the King of Greed?”

Asmodeus looks to the other Demon Kings, This is the one topic that is not at all my forte. He has never had to deal with the politics of replacing a Demon King, but they had all had to do it for the past 20 years waiting for Clay to take the throne.

Mammon takes the chance to answer the Archangels. “As usual, we will allow the Reavers of both Circles to run the economies and societies like I’m sure they did when their leaders were still living, and we usually give them 20 years to decide on a new Demon King themselves somehow before any of us storm in. Whether they decide through elections, wars, contests, or something decided on by the previous king… is up to them.

“In Asmodeus’s case, his predecessor left behind an heir chosen in his will, and directly sent his power to our current king when he died.” 

“We really don’t have nay set rules,” the King of Sloth interrupts.

“Ahem,” Mammon coughs to speak again, “to plainly, yes, you could say that. If none of what I said happens within 20 years, it is customary for the other Circles of Sin to take over militarily as one army or in competition,” taking a pause to see if anyone has any ambition to want to do so, “to select and instill a new leader ourselves.”

“So essentially we all keep our people and our noses out of those Circles until necessary,” Belphegor summarizes, earning a glare from Mammon.

“I see,” Raphael mutters as he begins rubbing his chin, “I had been wondering for a long time how new Demon Kings were chosen. Now I have an interesting picture.”

“I think it’s time we get to our final, and arguably most important issue,” Uriel states. 

“Yes,” Jophiel agrees, “we should agree collectively on what to do with the gem of Pluto and it’s most recent user.”

Uriel speaks up before any possibilities are offered. “I would like to inform everyone of some findings I have some across with Asmodeus,” calling him by his demon name in front of the others. 

Asmodeus does the same. “Uriel and I have discovered that after testing it, the gem cannot be used at the moment by anyone.”

Uriel adds in tandem, “It seems as if it is bound to one individual at a time, and as long as said user is alive, no one else can draw upon its power.” 

The Ogre daemons and Archangels do not fail to take notice of how these two are clearly on point.

“We also know through close supervision that when separated from the gem, the user becomes weak and somewhat immobile,” Asmodeus says.

“Interesting that you two did that together without informing anyone else,” Chamuel comments, “next you’re going to say that we should allow you two to keep the amulet and A’rock.”

Asmodeus and Uriel trade looks. Uriel makes it clear, “That’s exactly what we are going to say, more so to say that’s already been done.”

Asmodeus backs her up. “It’s no secret that Uriel and I have a relationship built on trust, unlike any of you. Uriel has already made a point to hide the gem where she thinks no one will find it and I will keep A’rock imprisoned here.”

Chamuel scoffs lightly before responding, “Listen, no one is going to deny that you two got real close when you were shagging and we were dying,” a comment that draws a look between Asmodeus and Uriel, “but the Circle of Lust isn’t exactly known for having efficient prisons.” While no one appreciates his tone, many agreed with Patience’s point.

Jessibana offers, “A’rock used to be one of us, let us have the responsibility of keeping him locked up. That should be our burden, not yours King of Lust.”

“I’m not so sure I would prefer that either,” Belphegor pipes up, “the Circle of Sloth has proven itself able to hide prisoners when we kept and maintained the angels who should now be in your care.” 

He’s never gonna let us forget that is he? I think I find it less and less impressive the more he points it out.

“I’m afraid I must ask to keep A’rock here, for more, personal reasons,” Asmodeus admits.

Belphegor tries to remind the King of Lust, “I realize that he did a number on you, but the mature thing to do would not to have him tortured around the clock to get back at him.”

David gets a little apprehensive. “Surely, such action is unnecessary.”

“No, Sloth, that’s not what’s so personal about my relation to A’rock.” Then he sees looks being traded around the table. “Uriel already knows, and probably some of this Council if you saw me when we first arrived to Pluto’s Palace.” 

Sheare makes it known, “I did notice your interactions with a few specific members of our community, but I knew about it beforehand too.”

“Why am I not surprised?” David comments to him.

“If I am to tell you, you must all promise that it never leaves this room. To make this knowledge public will have dangerous effects on the daemons in society.” 

Everyone becomes apprehensive, trading looks, but do not hesitate to swear secrecy. That shouldn’t confuse me so much, the amount to responsibility we have is built on the system running our world. Chaos is not to the benefit of anyone here. 

“A’rock is my sister’s husband, Alice’s husband, and father to my niece.” 

That comes as a shock to everyone there, but they don’t see the issue with Asmodeus having a sibling. Lucifina admits, “Well I understand now why your family would want to keep him close, but I don’t understand why this would be so dangerous to allow people to know.”

Sheare informs everyone, “It’s not necessarily only his sister’s marriage to A’rock. It’s that his sister, Alice, is 100% human.”

Everyone gets pretty confused over that statement. 

“Wait, hold on,” Satan sounds off, “how can she be his sister when he’s a daemon, and she’s human? Were either of you adopted?”

“No, we’re 100% siblings, same human parents and everything,” Asmodeus assures Wraith.

Michael is coming to grips, “But if your sister and parents are humans, then what were you-” He doesn’t finish that sentence. “You must have been born a human.”

Jophiel speaks as she stares at Asmodeus. “Oh my god, if you weren’t a daemon, the original Asmodeus must have turned you into a daemon.”

“And a black daemon at that,” Mammon adds.

“Such magic is unheard of,” Belphegor mutters.

“And now you all see why my sister’s existence should be kept a secret,” Asmodeus says with a gesture of his hands. “If daemons and angels found out that humans can be turned into daemons, and black daemons at that, imagine the chaos that could cause among them, and the chaos they may start causing in the human world.”

“I think we can all agree that it is imperative that this information be kept secret, and A’rock be kept here so he cannot reveal it to anyone who is not already trusted to keep it secret,” Uriel states.

They all nod their heads in agreement.

“So that’s it then we’re all in agreement, and know what’s going from this day forth!” Asmodeus exclaims and stands up at the table. “Now you’re all welcome to stay, but until construction begins on the new city tomorrow, I plan to be celebrating tonight with my friends and family in honor of our victory. Drinks are unlimited, and free.”

“Free alcohol is all the charity I needed to hear,” Raphael almost cheers.


Asmodeus walks around the party encompassing nearly every room in the palace.  

I was able to throw this celebration myself with some magic mumbo jumbo for the hundreds of servants in his palace. Lolara thought it would serve as a kind of ‘thank you’ for putting up with all of our shit for the past few weeks, and keeping our secrets. 

I’ve even moved Alice and Laya into the palace, and with one command the palace servants all have been sworn into secrecy on their identities. I… don’t feel fear about my secrets getting out and I wants to show that I appreciates it, even if they are just doing their job.

The second purpose is to see if the leaders of the angels and daemons can get along casually. If they can’t even have a drink together how can a long term relationship between their two peoples work? 

Much to the King of Lust’s delight those who have stayed behind seem to get along well enough. Chamuel and Jophiel opted to leave, both had been on the side of war and aren’t really keen on staying in a Circle of Sin any longer than they have to. 

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel have stayed behind with some of their own personal companions, making sure that not everyone conversing are all succubi and incubi. The Demon Kings and members of the Council have their own small entourages so the crowd is pretty mixed. 

Asmodeus finds Gabriel in the back. The Archangel of Diligence being made fun of by Belphegor and Raphael for not taking a drink and lightening up, the two already trying to get buzzed.

I should ask them what they’re drinking, maybe it’ll actually give me a buzz. 

“Peer pressure at its best,” Asmodeus whispers to himself. 

Then Asmodeus sees Michael talking with Noella, gesturing towards her mother, who is laughing yet again with the Reaver of Sadism. Noella catches Asmodeus’s gaze and sends a kiss his way. Asmodeus grabs it and brings it to his lips, causing the demoness to laugh from afar. He notices Azale and Rogiel having a somewhat heated discussion behind them. 

Rogiel seems almost apologetic, maybe for when he had been commanded to assassinate Asmodeus and Azale a year before. It doesn’t seem like anything violent is going to happen when Azale walks away to talk to someone else and Rogiel lets her go.

Asmodeus proceeds then to the dining halls when he passes by Lolara conversing with Talon and Saphira, who have come by invitation. They all greet him and Asmodeus almost thinks to join in on their laughter when he feels himself getting tired. He has been planning to go to his bed anyway, and decides to continue on that path.

On Asmodeus’s way into the dining room, he notices that this portion has become slightly more sultry, being mainly occupied by succubi and incubi. 

Asmodeus looks around and matches eyes with Cavil, who is seemingly inches away from sealing the deal with another incubus. Asmodeus gives him a thumbs up and the Reaver of Passion winks back in return. If Asmodeus had turned back around as bit slower he would have missed Logue sneaking out of the dining room, dragging behind her two male angels in each hand. 

“Good for her,” he decides to believe.

Eventually, he worms his way through to the palace’s exterior hallways that connect to each room on every floor. Asmodeus nearly bumps into two daemons seemingly flirting. Asmodeus takes a quick glance to notice that they are not daemons of lust, but Satan, the King of Wrath himself, and the Nephilim Council member, Jessibana.

Maybe I’m taking note of too many people at his party. 

Asmodeus proceeds down the hallway when he hears familiar voices talking on one of the nearby terraces. He immediately forgoes his earlier determination to see who it is, peering over the frame of the entrance to the terrace when he is caught.

“No need to eavesdrop Asmodeus, we were done talking anyway.” Asmodeus comes out from his cliche hiding spot to see Uriel talking to his Reaver of Desire. 

Asmodeus pretends to be a fly when he casually asks, “What were the two of you talking about? If I may ask.”

“I don’t mind saying that I was catching her up on events before talking about you,” Uriel tells him.

“Well, I am pretty great, if I don’t say so myself,” Asmodeus jokes with a wave of his hand.

“Yes,” Zazriel seems to agree with a grin, “we were just talking about how you called me before your big battle, you know, when you lied to me.” 

Oh shit, Asmodeus whispers to himself.

“Oh shit is right, King of Lust,” Uriel agrees with a smirk. Asmodeus forgets not to say that out loud, then the Archangel walks up to him for a hug. “I’m gonna go so you two can talk. I’m probably going back home, partying isn’t exactly my… thing, but I do appreciate being invited.” 

She kisses Asmodeus on the cheek and leaves the terrace.

Zazriel’s waiting for him, patting a seat beside her. “Come on, love, sit.

Asmodeus walks uncomfortably up to the golden railing, rigid as can be. Asmodeus begins first, “Listen, Zaze, I-”
“I knew you were keeping something from me the moment you called. For some reason I didn’t call you out on it. Maybe I just thought I was being crazy for thinking it was weird for you to just call me like that. You haven’t used your fortune card to talk in a long time… I was so stupid.” Zazriel holds her fortune cards and starts shuffling them about with her eyes closed, making Asmodeus notice the missing tattooed on her arms. 

“Zaze, you’re not stupid for trusting me, I’ve never lied to you before,” Asmodeus tells her.

“Maybe so, but you risk your life every chance you get, and this time you did so without me. I should have realized that you wouldn’t have it in you to tell me what you were really planning to do.”

“That’s because I know what that would do to you!” 

“Liar!” Zazriel yells as she pulls out a fortune card of the same name without even looking. “There’s no way you could have know what I would do if you honestly thought it was better to keep the truth from me. How you think it a better idea to let me find out after you had died instead of telling me ahead of time what you were planning to do?”

“Because you would have stopped me, Zaze, and doomed yourself!” That shocks her to her core. 

“This… may be The Truth.” Zazriel doesn’t open her eyes until after she pulls out the card, a true fortune teller. She looks up at him sternly, matching his gaze. “Just because you think your hypothesis may bear some fruit, doesn’t make lying to me any better.” She looks away, hurt by his words. “It would it have been terrible to have me there? What if Azale and Noella had never told Uriel about the Chorus Libidinal? You’d be dead.”

“And so would you by trying to save me, assuming your armor would have even held out against the Onyx Star. You’re the strongest Reaver, with your magic powers and weapons, you’d probably kill most Ogre daemons and Archangels, but you don’t have the energy supply to save me from A’rock… but you would have tried.” 

Zazriel tries to deny the ideals that apparently both Asmodeus and Lolara have about her. “Believe it or not I lived alone for quite awhile before I became a part of your harem, I’m not one to just throw my life away.” Asmodeus literally throws his arms up after she calls them that.

“I may not have been here during all of your time as a Reaver, but Mod has. Even without asking her, it was no secret that you were a loner, and before we met you, you had no interest in making any more friends.” Zazriel wants to say something but holds back. “I’m not trying to say I’m the center of your life, I’m not that narcissistic-”

“You sure?” she snaps.

“Shush, narcissist speaking, but seriously, and honestly, don’t try and say that you weren’t happier when the other women took you in. Don’t pretend like being apart of our little family didn’t beat being the old Asmodeus’s bodyguard.”

Zazriel shrugs her shoulders. “But that doesn’t mean I’m suicidal.”

“No, not at all, but… you understand me in a way most others don’t,” he says as he leans against the railing. “I… worry that you’d make the same mistakes I would.”

“Like what?”

“Like getting yourself killed.”

Zazriel leans over beside him. “You know what it’s like to be alone, you grew up that way just like I did, and guess what? I know that it really sucks.” The violet succubus starts to look flustered, a strange appearance for her, “But that doesn’t mean I may have the same proneness to suicide missions like you.

“You’re not always right you know. Just like you don’t have to always sacrifice yourself, or make your jokes, or act like you don’t matter, because you’ve already been wrong on how you matter to everyone.” 

“Uriel told you about that…” Asmodeus remarks.

“I’m glad she did,” Zazriel says, before she takes his chin in her hand. “You matter to me. Is that not enough for you?” She looks at him for what feels like a long time. 

“Zaze, come here,” Asmodeus says as he hugs his Reaver close to his chest. 

Zazriel tells him with her head in the crook of his neck. “You really just don’t get how much you mean to me, and you don’t realize what you do for everyone.” 

As she lifts her head to his, she reminds him, “This family of ours… is ours to protect.”

Zaze,” he gasps, “I, I-”

“You’re not the only one,” she beats into his head, “and I need you to promise me that you understand that.”

Asmodeus is quiet under her gaze and her words.

  “I love you, Zaze,” he tells her, “I’m not gonna be that way anymore though, I’m not going anywhere, I promise. I realize now what it does to you, and not just you, it does the same to Lolara, Dotor, Noella, it hurts all of you, and I’m so sorry. 

“I don’t need to be a hero, just being the King of Lust will start being enough for me.” This made Zazriel crack a wry smile. 

Eventually, she sighs. Zazriel turns her head and asks, “I need a drink, will you join me?”

Asmodeus yawns, reminding himself he wants sleep. “I’m tired, I think I’m going to bed.”

“Okay,” she accepts, then holds his head as she kisses his cheek. They begin walking back inside from the terrace, and when they enter they turn towards each other. “This where we part for the night, I’m gonna go get flat out drunk with Lola for once. You sleep, you probably need it.”

“Yeah, goodnight Zaze.” Then they lean in for short but sweet kiss, and walk their separate ways.

Asmodeus makes his way down the hall towards his chambers, when he comes across Alice exiting a room Dotor is guarding.

“My liege,” the Reaver of Maturity greets him, “I was showing your sister and niece around the palace until Alice thought that it had become the young girl’s time to sleep.”

“Really Alice?” Asmodeus asks jokingly. “I figured you’d be the fun parent, letting their kid stay up all night partying!” 

Alice lets out a snort. “Maybe next time, tonight was a night after many long days. She should start getting used to sleeping in a new bed.” Then Asmodeus narrows his eyes at her in suspicion. “Okay, maybe I didn’t want to worry about her while I get drunk, sue me!”

“That’s the Alice I remember,” Asmodeus says as he gives her a quick goodnight hug. “I’m off to bed, do you need Dotor here to show you around? He knows this place inside and out.”

“No, I rather look around myself,” Alice assures. 

“Are you sure, my lady? It’s no problem at all,” Dotor assures her.

“Oh, ‘my lady’, I could get used to being called that, but no, no thank you. I would feel more comfortable knowing someone so chivalrous as you is standing guard over my daughter.”

“Of course. my lady.”

“Now I’m off!” Alice yells as she walks away with her fist high in the air.

“Your sister can most certainly be a character my lord,” the Reaver comments to his ruler.

“That she can be, Dotor, that she can be,” Asmodeus replies. He turns to put his hand on the Reaver’s shoulders to say goodnight, “don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

“I assure you, my liege, there are no such insects here.”

“It’s just a human expression, Dotor!” Asmodeus reminds him with a laugh.

“I know, but still.” Asmodeus just shakes his head at the Reaver, and begins walking away.

“Goodnight, Dotor,” Asmodeus bids.

“And goodnight to you too, my liege.”

Asmodeus continues through the halls, and finally comes to the door of his bed chambers. “Finally!” he says as he rests his hands on the double-door handles.

He opens the door to his dark room, and doesn’t notice the red succubus waiting nude for him in bed.    

“About time, Clay cutie, I’ve been waiting for you awhile.” 

Asmodeus can’t help but smile to himself over how no matter how hard he tries, sleep is never coming. “Listen, Mod, I’m really tired and just want to sleep for a few hours while I can.”

“Oh, you’re not getting to sleep anytime soon, cutie,” she assures him.

“Hate your nicknames,” Asmodeus mutters in a whisper, and she giggles some more.

“Flicker on a candle, it’ll light the room just perfectly,” she asks of him.

“Hmph,” is the sound Asmodeus makes as he complies with her demands. He snaps his fingers and only one of the many candles in the room lights up. No need for too many. 

The light illuminates the succubus’s nude body as she twirls a finger in her dark hair. Maybe sleep can wait, Asmodeus thinks to himself. Asmodeus can’t see her face that well, but Mod’s white teeth can be seen shining in the dark.

“Listen, Clay, you can come hither here and undress yourself, or I can come over and do it for you, and I promise I’ll ruin that nice suit. I’ll give you twenty seconds,” she warns him.

“Oh, that actually sounds pretty hot but I like this suit.”

“Have you ever worn a suit you don’t like?”


Quickly he starts to loosen his tie when he realizes that he is wasting time. “Why am I doing this?” then with a snap of his fingers Asmodeus’s clothes disappear from his body in a flash. 

He grows out his daemon appendages, including his wings and tail instead having to spend willpower keeping them in, and shapes his body into the more toned and ripped type he knows Mod prefers. 

Asmodeus quickly crawls to her and starts kissing up her leg, then planting light kisses all the way up her body, her breathing turning heavy in the quiet room, until Asmodeus’s lips meet hers. 

Asmodeus is quick to move to her neck as they run their hands roam over each other, until Mod stops, right over the left side of his chest.

She stops moaning and kissing him, to slowly run her hands over his new, permanent, impossible to ignore scars. Mod feels around with her hand, every crease, bump, and crevice in Asmodeus’s skin. The dark does not hide them.

“Mod, I’m alright, I swear,” he promises her.

“I believe you, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re there, forever a reminder of when you almost died. They’re not the first I’ve found on you and they won’t be the last.” She runs her hands all around it. She starts by moving to its lowest point with her right hand, and running her nails up his torso to his arm. She follows the longest and thickest scar line as it follows down his shoulder then his arm to his palm, where the scar ends. 

She takes his hand in hers, and brings it to her lips. “Sometimes I can forget how much I love you,” Mod tells him. “Do you, do you feel the same way when you see my scars?”

Asmodeus slips his arms under her so he can support himself and pressed both palms to the cheeks of her face. “It’s different, you’ve always had scars, a lot of them, I only memorize a few. They’ve always just seemed… so you.”

“Hmm,” is all she responds with.  

Still lying under him, Mod brings her palms over the backs of his hands to hold them to her face. Asmodeus is staring deep into her eyes now, thinking and remembering. 

She tilts her head at him. “What are you thinking about?” Mod asks him.

“Sorry, sometimes I forget how you were the first… the first one to introduce me to my new life. Sometimes I forget to remember that about you,” he admits to her.

She smirks and jokes. “Hopefully, you’re forgetting because you’re too busy noticing and touching other things.” 

“Maybe,” he replies with a grin.

“There is something I noticed, cutie, about us,” she whispers.


“I never had… intimacy… like this with the last Asmodeus. Never seemed like him and I cared about each other in the way we do. With him it was just fun, but this… this is more, better.” 

“Mod, you and others have said many times that you were the last King of Lust’s favorite Reaver,” he starts.

“Actually, his favorite concubine,” she corrects, with a twinge in her face as she admits, “Cavill was his favorite Reaver, he had been here long before me, and when he had to give up his Passion because of a duel he lost, it was one of the few times I ever saw him… sad.”

“Still, being his favorite concubine, did you ever have children with him?” Asmodeus asks.

Mod’s eyes narrow with Asmodeus’s line of questioning, especially with his prick poking between her thighs at the moment. “No cutie, the closest thing I’ve ever done to mothering is watch over you from afar. He never wanted to go too long without fucking me… apparantly I’m that good as you know. Why do you ask?”

“Did you ever want children?” When Asmodeus asks that question Mod’s eyes open wide. Does she hate the idea?

She might, it is so early in his rule as King of Lust. To have heirs now with such a low age difference between him and them, for unaging daemons anyway, would mean that by the time Asmodeus is old enough to quit so would his children. 

But that would be the point. If his kids are too old to replace him when he dies, the heir he does chose won’t have to deal with a familial usurper like Cotaras again. Nor would they vye for the throne.

“Not with him honestly, I never thought about it all that much,” Mod tells Asmodeus.

“And with me?” Asmodeus asks.

“Do you want to that? Right now?” Mod asks. 

“Maybe not, right now, but we could consider it, and practice.

Mod laughs at the idea. “I’ve been practicing all my life,” she tells him before she kisses the corner of his mouth, nipping at his lip, “I want to practice right now, but someone is still talking.”

Mod flips him over, so she can be on top of him, straddling his waist with her hands on his chest. He reaches to run his hands up her sides, but she grabs his hands to hold them down over his head.

“I’ve waited a while to have you for myself,” she says as she bends down to kiss him. He bends his neck to meet her but she moves to kiss his neck instead, garnering a moan from him. 

“Your wish is my command, Seduction, do with me what you want,” Asmodeus says, not even pretending to fight her grip.

“Oh I will my cutie, and you’ll like it,” she swears from atop of him, with her salacious smile.   

It doesn’t take long for Asmodeus’s and Mod’s moans and screams to fill the hall. 

They go at for a while, their moans and screams coming closer and closer together, while getting louder and louder again and again. 

At some point, Asmodeus flips them over where she digs her nails into his back. 

Mod clings to him, waiting for him to give her what she asked for. A night that’s just the two of them.

He falls forward onto her and she embraces him in her arms. Mod moves her hands to hold his head in the crook of her neck, running her fingers through his hair. 

“You know,” she says, his words on her mind, “it’d be easy to get a pill for ovulation, and get you off your birth control injection.” Daemons don’t ovulate as often as mortals, on the grounds that they live really fucking long. Even still, Asmodeus is one of only two men in the poly, makes more sense for him and Dotor to take birth control of some kind.

“I can cancel the appointment this week,” he tells her before nibbling on her ear and hearing her hum. 

“We should still talk to them,” she says as she bites her lip.

“Of course,” he whispers.

The door to the chambers creeks open, allowing light to come in from the hall to illuminate Asmodeus and Mod tangled together.

“Should have guessed what you two were doing, what else does she ever want to do when she can get you alone.” 

Asmodeus rolls off of Mod to look at his wife. Much to Noella’s annoyance Mod decides to snuggle up to his side and tell her, “Can’t really blame me can you? Why not have my one-on-one time whenever I can?” She purses her lip to feign that of a puppy but Noella never does anything more than arch her brow. 

Asmodeus tells her, “We’re not necessarily doing anything we haven’t done before, well, that’s not necessarily true. Kind of talking about knocking Mod up right now.”

WHAT?!” Noella screams. She starts pacing, getting all distraught. Noella starts speaking in a disappointed tone, “I was going to come to you about-”

“I think you should get pregnant too, if we do decide to start” Asmodeus interrupts. 

“Wait what?” Noella is confuses.

“Wait huh?” Mod too.

“What? You can’t both be pregnant at the same time?” Asmodeus asks facetiously. “If you both get pregnant around the same time, you’ll deliver around the same time, maybe even the same day, magic beings like us are stupid like that.” Asmodeus’s words make it sound like he had just thought of this, but his tone sounds like he had this all planned out.

“Wait, hold on Asmodeus, why would you want to have two kids right off the bat?” Mod asks. 

“No reason,” he replies.


Asmodeus rolls his eyes pretending to think for a second but quickly goes into a long explanation. “Well, if I have two kids right off the bat, two kids who are probably going to be the same age, it doesn’t ever seem as if one can be the heir over the other for being older, or one of you one getting a status boost because you had my kid first. I’m not stupid, I know how people look at our family already, and that affects said family.”

Noella is getting a grasp on what he wanted. “So, you’re going to get us all pregnant so all of your kids are around the same age, so there’s no expectation of inheriting more from you?” she asks hesitantly.

“Close, I was only planning on having kids with you two first. Honestly, I can expect the others not to be bothered by not having kids. I doubt Zazriel even wants any right now, if ever, and I don’t even know if I can with Lo or Azale at the moment. That leaves you two, the most likely to challenge each other. 

“I’m not stupid, I know how you two get competitive in pretty much everything. If I had a kid with one of you before the other, can you honestly say that it wouldn’t be ammunition to rub in the other’s face?” Asmodeus arches his eyebrows at them, expecting an answer he already knows. 

“I mean, only you two don’t really get along, but with the other three you’re like sister wives or girlfriends more or less.”

Mod starts moving her hands forward, signaling that she gets it already so he can stop. “I guess I can see your point. I can’t promise and say that I wouldn’t trade at least a few digs her way over being preggers before her.”

“And what do you think that would teach our children? To be spiteful and arrogant towards each other?” Asmodeus’s point has been made.

“Ok, beloved, we get it, I understand and I think the witch does too, I don’t mind if we both leave tonight carrying… I guess.” Noella then thinks over something for a few seconds, and smiles to herself.  

“Wait,” Asmodeus thinks to himself, “I didn’t say tonight, shouldn’t we talk about it with the others? It would be their kid too.”

“True… but we can still practice tonight,” the white demoness says.

“Hah! We said the same thing!”

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