The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire (Chapter 5)

“People who cease to believe in God or goodness altogether still believe in the devil… Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally difficult.” – Anne Rice

A woman in a dark cloak runs down the hallway with a crying child in her arms. “Hush please, we can’t let them hear us,” she whispers to the girl who can be no older than five. 

“But Mama, I want to go back!” the child pleads, not understanding their dangerous situation. 

“We can’t, we aren’t safe here, we’ve never been safe here.” The yelling and running of monsters can be heard around the corner. The shrouded woman continues to run and makes a right turn. 

This leads her and her daughter to a dead end. “This can’t be possible, there was a door here before, what is this place?”

“Her home.” A powerful and looming voice comes from behind her. The woman turns around in horror of a daemon and his feathery wings before her. “You cannot take her anywhere.” 

With that revelation he lunges at her, gripping the woman by her throat as she and her daughter start screaming.


Asmodeus opens his eyes as wide as he can, breathing heavily from the dream he had recently endured. 

As Asmodeus breathes he remembers where he is. Having just relayed to them his dangerous plan to converse with the angels, his many mates decided to share a couple of tender hours together. 

He looks around to make sur he didn’t wake anyone. Zazriel is still asleep, big spooning Dotor, with Azale coiled around Noella’s bottom half in away that nearly makes Asmodeus chuckle.

Lolara still snores against his side, and he looks for Mod when-

“I’ve never seen you have a nightmare before,” she nearly spooks him, reminding him how he and Lolara were using her as a pillow. “With all of us around you’d think you’d have nothing unpleasant to dream about.” 

She’s already stroking his head, making him painfully aware that he’s in a cold sweat. “What were you dreaming about, Clay cutie?” She tried to coerce him with her pet name, but he felt no desire to share his feelings again on that matter.

“Nothing, just nervous about the angels.” He can feel her eyes narrow on him, but she doesn’t say anything about it.

“Don’t be,” she says instead, “if you’re nervous you might make a mistake. Can’t have that!” She tries to sound upbeat while also whispering, but Mod is most certainly having a hard time considering what her King was going to attempt very soon. 

A loud banging could be heard from the door, and Asmodeus can hear the voice of Petra calling for him. “The Reavers of Wrath are here, darlings! And the angels are prepared for departure!”

“I guess it is time for you to make a decision before you go, my cutie.” She leans over and kisses him upside down. 

Noella stirs in her place. “Damn that succubus, I could have slept more…” Noella is not happy to wake, and is frowning quite hard as she opens her eyes to the loving performance between her husband and their lover. 

Zazriel wakes next, lifting herself up to rub her eyes. Dotor’s awake with a shake and out of her arms, so she turns around to wake up Azale. “You must dress yourself, Azale, you and Asmodeus, will be departing soon.”

Azale opens her eyes and begins to get up and off Noella, causing Lolara to wake with a start, following the same pattern. They all start to quicken their pace to get out of bed and get dressed. All wearing some colorful or extravagant fashion, except for Azale who bound herself in her armor. 

“Let us go see what kind of seductress Asmodeus decides to recruit next to his growing harem.” 

“Oh beloved, don’t let her rope you into seducing another,” Noella complains.

“Gee, I don’t know…” Asmodeus teases.


I have no intention of adding more stress with having more relationships, though its interesting that she would still think it possible. I thought we were pretty closed off, more worried about getting Dotor to look at anyone besides Zazriel. 

They walk out of his temporary room in Wrath’s palace and see five demons standing before. Three males and two females. The King of Wrath did not seem to have as many Reavers as the King of Lust. 

Dotor introduces them one by one, but is really excited by one of the demons who is an incubus. Asmodeus is more than surprised to see such a demon among Satan’s Reavers.

Dotor informs his lord of the succubus’s name, Cavill. “Cavill was the Reaver of Passion for whom the past King of Lust lost. It was a consequence to his duel to the King of Wrath. He has already proven a worthy warrior. And as a Reaver whose fought alongside him I can attest to his abilities and passionate loyalty.”

“Thank you, Dotor, it has been a long time since I have served a King of Lust and would be extremely happy to do so again.” Cavill sounds rather eloquent with the British accent that he carries. Asmodeus has next to no inclination as to how a daemon acquires such an accent, but he cares little to find out why. 

He’s too busy just looking up and down the incubus’s perfect jaw line. He may be in Wrath, but he has not forgotten he is of Lust, Asmodeus thinks to himself as he looks up and down Cavill’s practically open shirt.

“Umm, Clay cutie?”

“Yes, my Mod?” Asmodeus says as he doesn’t stop checking Cavill out.

“Just pick him, you can stare at him later,” Mod tells him.

“Then I can stare at the two of you,” Lolara jokes. 

Noella turns and glares at Lolara. 

“If I can’t see Clay dick Dotor down, Cavill seems happy to take his place.”

Together her loves yell her name, “Lola!

She makes it sound like I’ve never fucked Dotor.

The witch throws her hands up, yelling back, “How is the human the least sexually repressed?!

Asmodeus  and Cavill are left laughing, Cavill himself stepping closer to Asmodeus. Dotor takes the time to wave away the other Reavers, why take the chance.

As Asmodeus stops laughing he finds himself looking down at Cavill, who stands so close.

“I think you’ll fit in fine,” Asmodeus tells him.

“If I said, ‘huzzah,’ would that be too much?” Cavill asks.

“Probably, but as King, I’ll allow it.

“You do have somewhere to be…” Azale says, and when Asmodeus is distracted, she adds, “Master.” She makes him cringe, hearing it outside of their bedroom, with pretense at all.

Asmodeus turns to Azale, standing as if it’s business as usual. 

Cavill pats Asmodeus on the shoulder before chuckling, “I’ll leave you to, we can get to know each other later, Master.

As the incubus goes to stand in line with Petra and Logue, who know already know him well, Asmodeus turns to the fallen angel with a sly smile on her face.

“You would have everybody calling me Master, wouldn’t you?” he asks her.

She puts on an innocent face as she shrugs. “It’s would only be proper where I’m from.”

“Is that so?”


The moment of reckoning has come. The captured angels are tied up and levitated by Asmodeus’s spell.

“It’s time to go Azale, I’d ask if you were ready but you keep asking me…” 

Asmodeus trails off, seeing her matching eyes with the angels tied and bound beside him. There’s this intensity between them. She doesn’t hide from their looks, she gives as good as she gets.

I know she’s said that the ‘evil’ daemons of sin have shown her more respect and acceptance than the angels ever did… but it’s still kind of sad to see her so… full of anger towards them.

“You two come back to us, alright?” Zazriel asks one last time before Asmodeus summons the portal. 

“Of course, I will see the Master safe and sound soon in the Circle of Lust.” Azale means that promise with every word.

“I’ll hold you to it.” The succubus and fallen angel take each other in a long hug, which ends with the succubus giving her a longer kiss.

Noella walks up to Asmodeus to whisper in his ear. “Try to hurry back. If it gives you any extra motivation, I promise to jump both of your skeletons when you return.” 

Asmodeus chuckles at that, “The human term is ‘jump your bones’ actually.”

“Do I look human?”  

“Pretty sure that’s me,” Lolara interjects, “do you have everything planned out, what you’re going to say to Michael?”

“Yes, yes, I am completely prepared,” Asmodeus replies with a devilish smile.

“That’s bullshit but I have faith.”

“Oh, thank you, come here.” They embrace shortly compared to everyone else. Lolara doesn’t hang on as long for fear of wasting more time. Better to let the anticipation comence.

The Reaver of Desire is the last to see him off. “We’ll be waiting for you to come back to us.”

“Goodbye, Zaz-,” she holds her hand up to interrupt him, slowly shaking her head.

“There’s no need to say goodbye as I already know that you will come back home soon,” Like a magician, she has a tarot card in her hand, “I’ve seen it.” 

“Could have told me you did that,” Mod remarks. 

“I’m only joking,” Zazriel admits.

Asmodeus shakes his head before simply bowing the violet succubi. Then he turns towards Azale and the portal.

“Time to go,” he says as he lifts his hand and levitates the chained angels through the portal. He holds his hand out to Azale, who took it gladly. “Lets jump!” and then they are gone. 

They take a trip to the mortal universe that Asmodeus was raised in. Not that it mattered which of the infinite mortal worlds it was, but he figured going to one he’s familiar with would help his nerves. 

The trip to the mortal plains is quick but nauseating for Asmodeus. He still wasn’t use to it. “I still hate it.”

“I’m sure you’ll get used to it, Master,” Azale calls him openly as they’re pretty much alone. 

Asmodeus looks around at the world he grew up in, a world he hasn’t been to in the year since he took his place as the Demon King of Lust. 

He had purposely placed them in a open field in the middle of the forest. A private place for discussion between an angel and daemon away from humans. He didn’t know how much he missed the smell of this place. It isn’t as intoxicating as the Circle of Lust, but it’s still special in a different way. 

The captured angels squirm on the ground, reminding Asmodeus of their presence. “Oh right, I should probably put a cloak around you, save you for my conversation with Michael. Wouldn’t look good if he saw you all chained up from the get go.” He quickly says a spell he remembers from his Incantorum.   

With that, an invisibility cloak goes over them. He can see them but Azale can not, making it safe to assume that Michael won’t either.

“Master, how do you know Michael will come? A more violent Archangel could come in his stead,” Azale asks.

“Well, you said it yourself, Michael was once fond of you before, he was the one who tried to convince you to stay on the side of virtue before you fell to sin. Based on that, I believe he may actually be excited to see how you’re doing, and he wasn’t exactly anything but nice to me at the same time too.”

“I had not thought of this, and how to get his attention?”

“Well, few angels would notice a daemon’s presence if he wasn’t flaunting his sin.” Asmodeus’s face forms a huge grin. “By partaking in sin I’m sure we can get Michael’s attention.” He eyes drift to Azale.

Catching his meaning, Azale begins to smile with him. 

She’s not slow to wrap her arms around his neck. “It would be my absolute pleasure, Master, but do we have time?” 

Asmodeus thinks it over, and admits, “Definitely not for much, Archangels are supposed hawks by reputation, but…” 

He raises his fingers to his mouth, forming a ‘V’ and sticks his tongue. Azale’s face blushes.

“I would… enjoy that,” she tells him, “we sound so clinical?”

He shrugs, “It’s not like there’s no artificial reason for it, we’re literally trying to be a magical beacon.”

“It sound less appeasing.”

“Well, I’ll do my best to change that,” he says before kissing her with his forked tongue.

First, he pulls her in close and she presses herself up against him. Slowly they fall to the ground, where he slowly makes his way between her legs, kissing her neck and down her body. He releases his pheromones to the max so she feels his touch through her armor. It’s with a few magical snaps of his fingers that the wind undoes her armor and the leggings underneath. 

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes for her, and when she screams his name, she can feel them giving off this pulse of lust. In their Circle, it’s nothing, but here, where there’s so little magic… it’s a like a wave that can’t be missed. 

She collapses limp, where he climbs up to plant passionate kisses on her lips. After a few minutes of cuddling they get their desired effect. 

Asmodeus senses a powerful force coming towards them at a healthy pace. He’s here, is all Asmodeus thinks for a moment.

Asmodeus rouses Azale and helps her dress up appropriately, his touch affecting her in a way that makes her reach for more, in case this is their last chance. 

By the time the Archangel comes down though, they are prepared.

In seconds, before them stands the mighty Michael in armored glory.

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