The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire (Chapter 40)

“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.” – Arthur Miller


Escaping from the Archangel and the Princess had been easy. During one of the many times the metal shell collided with the ground, he disconnected his metal wings from his body, and slipped out of the metal shell into the dust which hid his exit. He joined in among the other daemons and angels, who couldn’t tell the difference between him and the reinforcements who came from his old community.   

When the large numbers of angels and daemons who still wanted to fight were left behind to do so, Seraras stayed behind too.

After seeing the hate stay in their eyes, even after their leaders told them to stop fighting, he knew that the hate wasn’t controlled and caused by the Archangels and the Demon Kings, it was held back by them. 

This was the true nature of angels and daemons, his people were exceptions.

After witnessing them attack each other for some time, Seraras eventually snapped and slaughtered them by the thousands.

Now Seraras has come to someone new for help, someone to help him save his friend, someone who is alone and in need of Seraras’s talents.

He walks up the throne to one of the old Pagan Gods, dressed once again in his white cloak, on a mission for his new ally. 

“Why have you come here, angel? To bask in the depreciation of my world when you allied yourself with the daemons? The Roman’s Tartarus would be put to shame by a place like this.” 

The god is old, his voice deep and raspy, but his body still built to steam roll over lesser beings.

Seraras responds with a bow of his end, proper reverence for the old god. “I have not come to insult you, to tear you down, and I am no angel. I’m here to remind you of the loss you were dealt by the Archangels and the Demon Kings-”

“Do not remind me of their names! Those beings have no respect for the beliefs of others, and make it impossible for humans to pray to anyone but the same several names of their God. The two don’t agree on this… god’s will, but yet they enforce his worship and his worship only all the same. You said you were no angel, then what are you?”

Seraras answers quickly. “I am a nephilim, a product of interbreeding between angels and daemons, and despised by their kind all the same. Neither species understands their rather few differences, and understand even less of peace, war. 

“It sickens me to my very core, and that, of my new and powerful ally. My ally and I are looking for those who would wish to stomp out the establishment molded by the angels and daemons, oh, great Allfather Odin. Please tell me, can I find a friend in you to help me raze Heaven, and burn the Seven Circles of Sin? To dismantle them so they decay and fall to ruin?”

The powerful All-father smiles maniacally, his eyes glowing with the light of his son. “You have indeed found a friend in me.”

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