Jack in the Green on the cover of Fables #151.

Fables #151 Review

Written by: Bill Willingham

Penciling by: Mark Buckingham

Inking by: Steve Leialoha

Coloring by: Lee Loughridge

Lettering by: Todd Klein

Editing by: Mark Doyle

Bigby Wolf is in his wolf form in the foreground with Jack in the Green in the back ground with a bear.
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back!

Fables is my all time favorite comic series. I nearly read the whole thing back in high school and may go back and reread it for a retrospective to see if it holds up. When this return to Fabletown was announced, I was nervous. To say the main writer is a jerk is putting it nicely, and his recent Batman Vs Bigby series was… not good to say the least. So far, does Fables #151 renew my confidence? Enough to get #152.

Minor spoilers, Fables #151 picks where Fables #150 left off right but before its prologue. When it ended it, it felt like every story had been told by the original creative team. This issue sets up new and interesting storylines that can go the distance. This miniseries is only going to be 12 issues right now, but I doubt everything is going to be complete by the end. Fables #151 makes it seems as if the series is here to stay, or at least it will return once issue #12 comes along.

All the living members of the Wolf family walk through the woods with camping gear.
The Wolf family is all together now.

In terms of styling and art, its like we never left Fabletown. It feels like Fables, talks like Fables, and looks like Fables. You’d think the creative team had never stopped writing the series after #150. They don’t have to reacquaint themselves with characters again, nor the whimsical yet grim tone of these fairy tales.

Don’t expect every old favorite to show up. There are a good number of new characters in this issue. There are almost as many as there are returning characters.

The best way to go into this comic is as if this issue came out years ago and now you’re catching up. This isn’t the start of a new series, and in many ways, its better for it.

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