Duo has a man's face surrounded melding images of his fiance's face.

Duo #1 Review

Written by: Greg Pak

Pencilinig by: Khoi Pham

Inking by: Scott Hanna

Coloring by: Chris Sotomayor

Lettering by: Janice Chiang

Editing by: Andrea Shea, Jim Chadwick

Duo is flying over a city with his wife's face drawn in silhouette in the background of the cover to Duo #1.
The Duo in question.

You would be forgiven for thinking this was a new superhero. I made this mistake, not realizing that Duo is actually an old Milestone hero. Milestone is famous for being predominantly about black superheroes but I’m glad that it is expanding and continuing its less famous history of having other heroes of color as well with Duo #1.

Most heroes are incredibly good natured by design, and the two main characters of Duo are no different. What makes them unique is how they come as a package pair. They have an unbreakable bond that’s now threatening to break them apart. The emotional stakes are set, and if developed right, could lead to the kind of melodrama that keeps everyone engaged.

The creative team has me both excited and disinterested. The writing hits the beats that it needs to, and the art style informs me of everything I need to know, but neither are all that spectacular. This doesn’t feel like one of Greg Pak‘s best opening issues, but its good. It lacks a kind of oomph and drama for most of it until it sets its status quo in stone.

The Duo are phasing through a wall together.
This seems like an extreme example of a wife-guy.

The art style altogether is not my cup of tea. It never fails to inform me of what I need to know as I said, but it doesn’t hit for me. I’m not sure why, but everyone appears so flat, particularly the main characters. There isn’t a physical depth to the art style, at least not as much as I want it to be. That may be something other people like about it so you definitely have to see if for yourself to understand. I’m just saying it’s not for me.

Duo #1 definitely has me intrigued enough to get the next few issues, but it’s not blowing me away just yet. This is only the first issue so who knows, it may utterly astound me in a month. If you want to know what books have astounded me, check out the other reviews in our blog.

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