DC vs Vampires #3 Review

Written by: James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg

Art by: Otto Schmidt

Coloring by: Otto Schmidt

Lettering by: Tom Napolitano

I just want to say that Evil Hal Jordan is the best Hal Jordon. The more important question is, is Vampire Hal better than Parallax? DC vs Vampires #3 continues to make that case to me, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m buying it. I always found his charm kind of smarmy and creepy, but now that he’s a vampire it makes perfect sense. The way he combines vampire powers with the Green Lantern ring makes me think that this Hal Jordan has always been one step away from evil. I love it.

I also really appreciate how tense things feel by making the remaining heroes divided. Green Arrow won’t trust the Bats, and the Bats are quite literally the only ones the vampires aren’t turning. Why that is, I think is because one of Batman’s villains or side characters is a vampire in charge of the new vampire army. My theory, one of the Bat-family beat the “vampire” allegations, Nocturna is back, or maybe one of the villains became a vampire wanted to kill them personally.

Batman and an unmasked Hal Jordan stand side-by-side.
The old Batman/Hal Jordan rivalry comes back in a way you wouldn’t expect.

Theories aside, this book is really fun. The art style is perfect for it too. Vampires have always had that sense of sensuality and attraction that makes them so dangerous. Otto Schmidt’s art style captures that really well. And, while I despise shipping Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan, I will admit, there was some fire there as he turned her into a vampire.

Not sure I buy the suggestion DC vs Vampires #3 makes that Diana is vulnerable to vampire hypnosis though.

DC vs Vampires #3 is the Vampire Comic I’ve Been Waiting For

Right now, the heroes who are vampires are scary, and they’re a real threat to the heroes who remain. The tension only builds issue after issue, as vampire Hal Jordan steals every page. I’m not one for horror comics, but I am one for vampires, and I have to say, this is a great vampire comic.

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