Batman and the Foundation fight in front of the Batman Who Laughs on the cover of Batman/Fornite: Foundation.

Batman/Fornite: Foundation #1

Written by: Scott Snyder, Christos Gage, Donald Mustard

Art by: Joshua Hixson

Coloring by: Roman Stevens

Lettering by: Andworld Design

I resent that the original Batman/Fortnite book is one of the best books for new readers to get into comics. I resent that Batman/Fornite: Foundation is written by one of the greats, Scott Snyder. But most of all, I resent that I like this book.

I can see why Scott Snyder is writing this book. After Grant Morrison and arguably Joshua Williamson, he’s the writer most invested in exploring the DC multiverse. The way they weave Fornite’s metaverse, and its tale of a multitude of multiverses feels so very DC. Batman/Fornite: Foundation is a good start to explaining the complicated aspects of DC’s multiverse, which is famous for how confusing it is. For so long, comic books have been accused of being impenetrable. Books like this, that crossover over with worldwide brands, serve as excellent answers to that.

Batman holds a grapple hook as the Foundation flies about from him, sassing him about his city in Batman/Fornite: Foundation.
They’re about to become best buds.

Furthermore, the Fornite character, the Foundation, makes a good impression. Early on, the book establishes a fun dynamic with the Dark Knight and the Fornite character right off the bat. Pun intended. The two feel like equally desperate men struggling to overcome the dire and indecipherable circumstances that surround them. The opening fight between the two of them feels like a battle between two equals, showing these similarities I’m talking about, but also works to show that they aren’t the same. The Foundation isn’t just Fornite’s Batman, and Batman/Fornite: Foundation has more to offer than a simple crossover.

I do want to keep most spoilers close to the chest, so I won’t go into great detail. Know that this opening issue seems to end with different DC characters in Fornite than before. I don’t necessarily expect it to be the same basic story as the first series, but at the same time, I do expect it to flow similarly. It’s like the Catching Fire to the first series’ Hunger Games. Actually, that’s probably an incredibly apt comparison in more ways than one.

Seriously, Give Batman/Fornite: Foundation a Try

Batman stands over the Foundation after he's fallen.
This is me after this comic turned out to be good.

I know it may seem ridiculous to want to read about the ultimate IP ad that is Fornite… but Batman/Fornite: Foundation is pretty good. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, it’s honestly a good issue to recommend to other people. Especially kids. We don’t get many good ways to get other people into comic books, so let’s take what we can get.

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