Captain Britain riding a pegasus.

Knights of X #1 Review

Written by: Tini Howard

Art by: Bob Quinn

Coloring by: Erick Arciniega

Lettering by: VC’s Ariana Maher

The Knights of X, containing Captain Britain, Bei the Blood Moon, and Richtor.
Behold the Knights of the Mutant Roundtable.

Excalibur was one of my favorites of Dawn of X, and I’m glad it’s getting a continuation. It already had arguably the best roster among the X-teams, and Knights of X continues that legacy. Tini Howard’s run made me a fan of Richtor, Gloriana, Gambit, and Captain Britain in ways I wasn’t before. Adding Shatterstar and Bei the Blood Moon only has me jumping up and down with excitement. And I expect to become a fan of Rachel Summers and Mordred as well.

The story wastes no time getting knee-deep into swords and sorcery. Its meta treatment of quests and Arthurian legend give it a D&D feel that fits it well. Based on what happens in this issue, I would be shocked if the characters don’t solve problems the way a D&D party would. The way everyone comes together feels like something a Dungeon Master would come up with.

The art by Bob Quinn, who drew several other X-comics also gives glorious redesigns to several X-characters. I thought Betsy’s Captain Britain suit was her best, but this second version is the bee’s knees as my mother would say. Rachel Summers got my favorite look of hers, bar none. Though, while she didn’t get a new uniform, Quinn’s style is going to make Gloriana’s design iconic by the time this arc is over.

Captain Britain, Rachel Summers, and Gambit hide from a Fury/Sentinel with wanted posters of the Knights of X behind them.
This is medieval Days of Future’s Past.

Ironically, the situation between the mutants on Otherworld and the non-mutants gives me Days of Future’s Past vibes. In a world where mutants have taken their equality, if you want something similar to the dynamics of the 80s, this is a strange but correct place to get it.

If you want a quality fantasy comic, this first issue is it, and will likely not be the last. Knights of X is the latest in the long line of Destiny of X books, and with only Legion of X left to launch, which one is your favorite so far?

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