Apocalypse tears Iron Man in half on the cover of Dark Ages #3.

Dark Ages #3 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor

Art by: Iban Coello

Coloring by: Brian Reber

Lettering by: VC’s Joe Sabino

Captain America, Iron man, Reed Richards, Wolverine, and an unknown Symbiote face something we can't see.
We’re building up to one hell of an Apocalyptic crossover. Heh? I’ll see myself out.

While the first two issues felt a bit slow, it was necessary for what we get here in Dark Ages #3. Here, we have the heartwarming characters moments (the ultimate red herrings) just before all hell breaks loose and people start dying. You know, the stuff Tom Taylor’s work is known for! The death we receive hits pretty hard, and the reactions of the characters hit harder.

No major spoilers, but Dark Ages turns what was a bit slow and plotting, up to a 9, and tells us to expect an 11 next issue. But, the creative team is taking their time here. It shows us how the different corners of the Marvel Universe have finally united for once. We get these great moments of Wolverine (the best one), Honey Badger, and Blade working as a surprisingly well-fitted team; Black Panther and T’Challa stand beside Johnny Storm and Spider-Man as leaders of a world under siege; Sue Storm, who feels stuck in Slott’s Fantastic Four book, even gets set up to take center stage next issue.

A lot of stories have issues that spend too much time building up to a grand finale. A lot of the time, this can lead to whole arcs and events feeling incredibly back-loaded and uninteresting by the time we get to the good stuff. With Dark Ages #3, the creative team instead builds up not only to a big climax but builds up the next issue as well. It’s giving the story an entertaining and steady pace any comic book fan should appreciate.

Dark Ages #3 Is Gorgeous

Wolverine, Iron Man, and Sue Storm in their getups from Dark Ages #3.
You can’t not love these character designs.

And god, the art is amazing. I love how all the characters evolved in the years after the apocalypse (pun unintended). I cannot help but gush over how Wolverine and Honey Badger’s looks have combined their best looks. Sue Storm looks amazing too, appearing both unrecognizable, but also perfect for where she is in life. Also, have to give mention how sweet the capes Dr. Doom and Black Panther are rocking. Their whole regal designs may just be my favorites for them both, ever.

Dark Ages didn’t start off as strong as say, Dark Knights of Steel, but it’s running as strong as Taylor’s previous work.

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