The new DC Trinity on the cover of Dark Crisis #0.

Dark Crisis #0 Review

Written by: Joshua Williamson

Art by: Jim Cheung

Coloring by: Jay David Ramos

Lettering by: Tom Napolitano

For Free Comic Book Day my local comic shop had Dark Crisis #0 to give me, and was kind enough to give me this copy early. I believe digital versions have been available, but if anyone asks how I got it, that’s how, and I’m not saying the name of the comic shop to keep them out of trouble.

Last week in Death of the Justice League, the many deaths felt hollow because we saw no emotional reaction about it. There wasn’t even an ending zinger. This prelude, as short as it is, has what Death of the Justice League needed. It has love for the Justice League’s legacy, and what they symbolize. It cares deeply for how Justice Leagues form, and how they will always form.

The Flash has confident smile on his face in Dark Crisis #0.
At least we didn’t lose Wally.

Having Wally West’s Flash be the hero at the center, a beloved legacy hero who has long since surpassed his mentor, makes it all ring true and hit home. He knows what it’s like to look up to the old guard of the Justice League.

Having Jim Cheung illustrate a gorgeous fight between the Flash and Clayface also brings this book some unforeseen but welcome action. Flash’s confident look in the face of Clayface’s taunts over his friends’ deaths makes sure we know that though they may begone, hope remains. I have a bit more faith in Dark Crisis reading #0 since I wasn’t so big on Death of the Justice League. I highly suggest grabbing this at your local comic shop on Free Comic Book Day if you have the chance.

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