The Incredible Hulk smashes into the ground to make a gigantic explosion.

The Incredible Hulk #1 Review

Written by: Donny Cates

Art by: Ryan Ottley

Coloring by: Frank Martin

Lettering by: VC’s Cory Petit

The new and improved Incredible Hulk is punching the hell out of the Hulkbuster suit.
Has the Hulkbuster ever worked?

I’ve always been a more casual fan of the Hulk. I like his movies more than most people, I enjoyed his cartoon, and I enjoy his appearances in Marvel events and on Marvel team-books. But I can’t say the Incredible Hulk has been one of my favorite characters. Now She-Hulk is a character I can definitely say that about, but not the Hulk for some reason.

Honestly, it’s weird because the dual-personality and self-loathing that fuels the character is my jam. My own stories have proven that each time over. What the Hulk has lacked for me is a motivation beyond wanting to be left alone. I can only be so sad watching him be hunted like an animal and see him be punished for lashing out.

I missed the boat on the Immortal Hulk, but this new creative team has given me a great jumping-on point with this awesome setup. The Incredible Hulk isn’t the terrifying one, Banner is, and he’s in charge now. Even better, the man isn’t taking anyone’s shit anymore, pushing towards a more villainous streak. Rather than re-invent the Hulk, it pushes some core ideas further. If you’ve wanted to see the Hulk push the Jekyll and Mr. Hyde angle more, you’ll love this.

I mean, you will if you read the book and understand that Mr. Hyde was Jekyll’s worst impulses unhindered rather than a split personality. Sorry, that’s the literature nerd in me showing.

Basically, I’m saying the new status quo should be fun and exciting for fans who want something new from the Incredible Hulk and people who want more of the classic stuff. This new #1 feels like the closest we’ll ever get to a perfect middle ground.

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