The Incarnations

The cover of the Incarnations.

Written by Christopher Knighton and Edited by Joe Heap

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Action. Synopsis: In the first story, Love and Dread, humanity is looked over by a pantheon of universe-spanning gods, the Incarnations. They are forever taking turns in caring for humanity. During the rule of Lady Love and Lord Dread, humanity is about to launch WWIII. The Lord of all that is nightmare and fear has had enough. To convince him to spare humanity, Lady Love goes through a contest of wills to show that something other than herself loves. If she can, then maybe humanity does too, and the Lord Dread cant destroy that.

In the second story, the Incarnal War, several million years before the events of Love and Dread, the pantheon of gods are at war. Split between the sides of Life and Death, the gods are out to kill each other, rewrite what fundamental part of the world should rule it all.

Warning: The Incarnations contains graphic violence in its chapters. It also contains sexual content and a positive view of an open relationship life style. Above all, criticism of writing style or how things are framed incorrectly is welcome. Criticism of someone’s lifestyle in itself, is not.

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Love & Dread Chapter CountChapter TitleContent Warning
Chapter 1The Lady and Her LordMinor Sexual Themes, Language
Chapter 2The Lady’s Violent CompromiseGraphic Violence, Minor Sexual Themes, Language
Chapter 3The Duchesses Two, the Ladies Two, the Sir and Lord of OneGraphic Violence, Minor Sexual Themes, Language
Chapter 4The Battlegrounds of ManGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 5An Evil LoveLanguage, Sexual Content
Chapter 6The Lord’s VengeanceMinor Violence, Language
Chapter 7 The Lord and His LadyGraphic Violence, Language
The Incarnal War Chapter CountChapter TitleContent Warning
Chapter 1The Incarnal BattlefrontsNone
Chapter 2Love & DreadGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 3A Good SacrificeGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 4For Honor, For DeathLanguage
Chapter 5The Heart of EvilSexual Content, Language
Chapter 6Understanding SadnessGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 7A Deficiency of DesireGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 8The Desire for VengeanceGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 9In the Eyes of JusticeGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 10A Guilty ConscienceGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 11Dining With DeathLanguage
Chapter 12The Mercy of War, the Remains of Destruction, the End is NighGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 13Life & DeathGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 14Good vs Evil, the Only WayGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 15A Lack of GratitudeLanguage
Chapter 16The Pairs and the PainNone
Chapter 17Peace, Based on a Lie, is Peace NonethelessGraphic Violence, Language
Author’s Note

After your finished, look forward to the next part of the Incarnal Saga from Something Central.

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