The Hood: Violence & Prohibition

Part of the cover for the Hood: Violence  & Prohibition.

Written by Christopher Knighton. Edited by Joe Heap

Genre: Historical Fiction, Action. Synopsis: On February 14th, 1929, several men were murdered on what would infamously become the Valentine’s Day Massacre. In this world, in this Chicago, Al Capone was king until this day. As a result, he earned the ire and anger of a madman dressed in a mask who would systematically destroy his operation and destroy Chicago.

The man called himself the Hood, and he blew a violent path through Chicago, against faces famous and not. There’s justice, there’s vengeance, and then there’s this madness.

Warning: The Hood: Violence & Prohibition contains graphic violence in its chapters. It also contains sexual content. Above all, we welcome criticism of writing style or how things are framed incorrectly. Criticism of someone’s lifestyle in itself, is not welcome, for instance.

Furthermore, this book uses several historical time periods, and real life individuals to tell its story. Above all, it is not an accurate representation of the time period in anyway, do not use it as reference or education on the real life time period. Use Wiki.

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Chapter CountChapter TitleContent Warning
Chapter 1The MessageGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 2The HostageGraphic Violence, Language

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