The Hood & the Wolf Pack

The Hood & the Wolf Pack cover.
The Hood is watching you.

Written by Christopher Knighton. Edited by Joseph Heap.

Genre: Superhero Sci-fi Fiction, Action. Synopsis: A few years after the superhuman gene is revealed to the world, there’s finally a group of people ready to step up and protect it. Just one problem, they’re all a bunch of college kids and they’re not particularly good at it. Sure, you learn on the job, but that can get dangerous when mad scientists, inter-dimensional beings, and just plain old jerks are here to ruin your day. But hey, the Wolf pack is just getting started, they’ll get the hang of it. Maybe its not too late to change the name, its not the most creative.

Between the four of them, they got it made. One’s a billionaire heiress with Superman-like… wow, that’s unfair, all the money in the world and the best powers? Who did that? That ain’t right. Then there’s a high-tech vigilante that’s a… murderous psycho, great. Why is he allowed outside? Someone make him take a shower. Wait, the one with fire powers is… well, he’s stupid and abandoned as a child? Why can’t superheroes have objectively good backstories? What about the… the girl with the ice powers is… why does anyone let her live there? Alright, these guys aren’t the best but they’re all the city’s got so lets hope they don’t blow it up.

Warning: The Hood & the Wolf Pack contains graphic violence and crude language in its chapters.

Click on Chapter to read. We will add more chapters soon.

Chapter CountChapter TitleContent Warning
Chapter 1 The HoodGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 2 The Team Language
Chapter 3 The MagicianGraphic Violence, Language
Chapter 4The Interrogation RoomGraphic Violence, Language

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