The Alpha

The cover of the Alpha.

Written by Christopher Knighton

Genre: Realistic Fiction Synopsis: Short tales about three alpha wolves and their fight to survive against the both the ways of Man. It’s fight or flight, domesticate or be domesticated, change or die.

The Lone Wolf Dies But the Pack Survives: Follow the first alpha as he tries to survive an attack by the hunting parties of Man and lead his pack to safety. Will he fight or run tail?

The Lion and the Tiger are Stronger, but the Wolf Does Not Perform in the Circus: A dying alpha found in the wild comes to be named Bones. He must try to survive domination by a lion tamer seeking to make a name for himself. Will Bones submit to being an attraction, or will he escape with his head held high?

A Pretty Cage is Still a Cage: After moving from zoo to zoo, reserve to reserve, an old alpha named Odin finds himself in yet another enclosure. This time, he’s trapped with wolves who don’t seem to want to leave. Can he convince them that they live in a cage? Or will the young zoo pack teach him a thing or two?

Warning, the Alpha contains graphic violence and foul language in its chapters. In several chapters, there is the depiction of animal abuse and violence between animals.

This novel uses a dramatization of wolf behavior, it is not factual or accurate. Wolves do not actually have alphas in wild. For accurate research on wolves, visit here.

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Chapter CountContent Warning
Chapter 1Animal Violence
Chapter 2Animal Violence
Chapter 3Animal Violence

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