Guardians: Heroes of the Milky Way

A look at the galaxy that Guardians: Heroes of the Milky Way is set in.
Image by Lumina Obscura from Pixabay

Written by Christopher Knighton.

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action. Synopsis: For every sentient species, there is one individual called the Guardian. They play host to monsters of legend and myth, and in return grant them power beyond imagination. In the 21st century after more than half of the sentient species in the Milky Way galaxy have developed space travel, the Guardians came together to form a space-faring team called Team Sunset, led by the Captain, Alloya Ra’non.

However, after a failed mission that ended with the black hole in the center of the Milky Way expanding, Team Sunset was disbanded. At the same time, two sentient species were put on the endangered species list, a third of the galaxy disappeared, and the galaxy had no heroes. Years later, the Team comes back together to find the only ones who truly understand their place in the galaxy, and the forces that worked together to break them apart.

Warning: Guardians: Heroes of the Milky Way contains graphic violence in its chapters. Cultures in this book are inspired by others both real and fictional, with an aim for believability and originality. It also contains mild sexual content and a positive view of a open-relationship life style. Above all, we welcome criticism of writing style or how things are framed incorrectly. Criticism of someone’s culture or lifestyle in itself, is not.

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Chapter CountChapter TitleContent Warning
Chapter 1Tissue, Blood, & BonesGraphic Imagery
Chapter 2Loss of TimeLanguage
Chapter 3DamagedLanguage
Chapter 4Not a HeroGraphic Violence, Language

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